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This is only a sample letter....please write by August 20 voicing your concerns with an industrial plant in our farmland.    Thank you.

Energy Facility Siting Council c/o Cathy Van Horn
Oregon Office of Energy
625 Marion St. NE, Suite 1
Salem, OR 97301-3742

To the Siting Council:

I am against the construction of the C.O.B. Energy Facility in the Langell Valley area, Bonanza, Oregon. The energy facility would take too much land out of agricultural use. Since they no longer need the resource of the volume of water available from the Babson well, let them site their facility in an industrial location.

Also, and maybe more importantly, I do not believe C.O.B. should be allowed a permit for the Babson well even with a lesser amount of water and strict conditions...if priority is negotiable it is available to the highest bidder and the body of Oregon water law is meaningless.*

* "Oregon water law is based on the priority of water use. The first to put a water source to beneficial use establishes the first priority to its use. In the event that the deep water bearing zones and the more shallow water bearing zones are connected then they are one aquifer. If they are one aquifer at least 35 other individuals hold water right certificates or permits with senior priority on that ground water source. We know of no Oregon statute or administrative rule that authorizes a change in priority by conditioning the permit or certificate. If priority is now negotiable it is available to the highest bidder and the body of Oregon water law is meaningless."

Please consider these items carefully and decide not to site this energy facility on land that is zoned for exclusive farm use. Please decide not to issue a conditional use permit to allow the siting of an energy facility in an area of agriculture and family farms. Let this Chicago company find an industrial area to build their facility. Protect Oregon resources.


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