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Stop the COB Energy Plant in Langell Valley
meeting May 17, 2003.  Please Help!!!

(Message taken from the KBC discussion forum)

COB Energy Plant in Langell Valley
Fri May 16 2003 9:23:14 pm

Hi Everyone: The community of Bonanza has a battle that may exceed other battles. We are in trouble and asking for help. We are asking for support, meeting attendance, and your prayers.

Peoples Energy of Chicago, is proposing a huge energy facility in Langell Valley. As some of you know, Langell Valley is a farming and ranching community. It provides a way of life that many communities can not provide in this day and age. Farming and ranching are the primary if not total economic support for the valley and the Community of Bonanza.

The interloper, Peoples Energy wants to change our beautiful community into a power generating, smoke/steam spewing, natural gas driven, water guzzeling nightmare.

The proposed plant will use 11 million gallons of ground water per day for an estimated 26,000 acre feet of water per year for approximately 20 years. These estimates are based solely on what they have grudgingly provided to community members opposed to this facility.

Please help support this beautiful community that I am proud to call my home. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought a nightmare like this could happen in my community. I guess this is another lesson learned from 2001 - we are ripe for the picking, and the money grabing, uncaring, multi-million nightmare corporations are out there just waiting to conquer an unsuspecting gentle community.

Please see below for meeting announcements. If you can attend, please do so, if not send your prayers and help. We are organizing as a group, and will keep you updated via this website. Take care and thank you! Cindyd

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 17, State Representative Garrard will be in Klamath Falls. We are hoping that Senator Harper will be there also.

There is a meeting at the Senior Center from 1 to 3. After that, at approximately 3:30, he will go to the Government Building at 305 Main Street to meet with those of us who are concerned about the siting of the COB Energy Facility in Bonanza - Langell Valley. Please, please try to be there and voice your concerns. Contact friends, family, and neighbors who might be willing to attend the meeting. We would like a stong show of support. Hope to see you there:

May 17, 2003
3:30 p.m.
Government Building
Room 219

Let's Stop the COB Project!!

Also, our regular weekly meeting will be held in Bonanza in a larger meeting hall:

Tuesday night
May 20, 2003
7 p.m.
Social Hall of Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic Church
Corner of Harpold Road and Highway 70 in Bonanza

for information, call: Lyn Brock
Bonanza, Oregon

541 545-1205




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