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Philosophy At The Waterhole
By Keith Allison, D.Dn, freelance writer in Yakima, Washington. 


When I hang up my spurs at the ending of day

And quench my thirst with a drink,

I ponder the causes which privilege me

To come to this place; and I think.


When The Lord in his wisdom created this land

And gave me this earthly abode,

He surely had reason to think that I would try

To carry my part of the load.


So I pray to my Maker that others may see

My joy in my chores here on earth.

And these are my words to those who would hear,

For whatever good they are worth.


“For those who are willing to carry the load

Let hope spring eternal, for they

Are the world’s future leaders.  Ambitions aside,

Let them lead and show us the way.


To the shirkers of duty who know no remorse,

And who think that all favors are free,

Let them follow my footsteps from dawning to dusk

And learn what has beckoned to me.


Let them learn that their freedom was won at great cost,

That there are no free favors in life;

And to feel that the world owes them more than they earn,

Invites their dream ending in strife.


Then, if nothing else matters to those of this ilk,

Let them learn that above all other things,

To set good example as we travel along,

Is reward that nothing else brings.”


I know, on the morrow, ere the sun crests the peak,

My foes will stand at the gate

To challenge my intent to hold my domain,

And the right to determine my fate.


So, it’s up at the dawn and on with my spurs,

As I saddle my steed for the fight.

Then it’s back here at dusk to conquer my thirst

And rest my tired bones for the night




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