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Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Upholding rural Americans' rights to grow food,
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                    Stop the C.O.B. June 11, 2003

We must work together to stop the siting of the C.O.B. Energy Facility near Bonanza, Oregon! 

Please write or e-mail with your concerns.  Tell them ...
The energy facility would take too much land out of agricultural use ... they should not
be allowed to do this especially where it is an agricultural area, not an industrial area,
and not near to an industrial area.

The aquifer from which Babson well is getting its water IS BELIEVED TO BE
CONNECTED  to the shallower aquifer from which our farm wells (and probably
many domestic wells) get water so company should not be granted permit for the well.

We don't want the noise and air pollution in Langell Valley.

Write to:                                                        We need your support.  Please!
Energy Facility Siting Council                           Save Our Rural Oregon is an
c/o Cathy Van Horn                                                  Oregon Nonprofit
Oregon Office of Energy                                            Mutual Benefit Corporation.
625 Marion  St. NE, Suite 1               
Salem, OR 97301-3742                                              Please mail your check to:
(503) 378-4041 or 1-800-221-8035                             Save Our Rural Oregon
Fax: (503) 373-7806                                                   P O Box 436
e-mail address:  Catherine.Vanhorn@state.or.us            Bonanza, Oregon  97623

   News Flash !!!!!!!      We are making a difference !!!!!!!!!!!!
Peoples Energy of Chicago is proposing that they amend their application and
build their facility as an air cooled plant which will use 300 gallons of water per minute
instead of 7588 gallons of water per minute.  We would like to propose that they
move their location to an industrial site closer to Klamath Falls.
  Farm land is for
growing crops and raising livestock to feed America .. to keep our food supply
healthy and sufficient, to keep our country strong and independent!  We do not
want land that is exclusive farm use to be rezoned for an industrial site.

                    Move the C.O.B.
For information call:                                                                 Bill or Lyn Brock (541) 545-1205
Mario or Diana Giordano (541) 545-6206                         Carl or Susie Gibson (541) 545-6227





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