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We Fought in Every War
By Monty Fisher, Sunriver, Oregon, submitted June 1, 2003

We were young
We all went together
Came from different places
With the same purpose in mind
Into the setting sun
Like birds of a feather
After being put through the paces
We were soldiers all ... headed for the battle line

From all walks of life we came
Some drafted, some volunteered
Navy, Army and Marines
And the Air Force overhead
In uniform we were the same
Standing on the decks as war we neared
So proud we stood, there was no in-between
To serve our flag's white stars and its stripes of white and red

We fought in every war
We gave all we had to give
We stood our ground
For justice so freedoms bells could ring
We never ask what for
Just one purpose that now we live
For God and country our hearts did pound
We were there to give our everything

And that we did ... yes we gave
The blood and the breath that was ours to give
That we could know that those we left behind
Would have a future and live it and be free
Now as you kneel by our grave
Please know our spirits live
In hearts that with freedom bind
Us and our memory with every one of thee.




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