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Tulelake/Lower Klamath refuges and lease land program

Key points of agriculture's relationship with Upper Klamath Basin refuges

Benefits of crop rotation on refuge lease lands, by John Crawford

Articles, Letters, and Testimonies:

Letter by Deb Crisp, Executive Director of Tulelake Growers Association, to the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors addressing the Homeowners and Property Protection Ordinance by the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors, August 9, 2005

Tulelake Growers Association comments on the Bureau's CIP program posted to KBC 1/20/05.  

Testimony of the Tulelake Growers Association for the House Committee on Resources regarding ESA improvement posted to KBC 8/1/04

Herger Colloquy on Klamath:  Some remarks the Congressman made on the floor of the House this afternoon in response to Congressman Earl Blumenauer's comments yesterday about the Klamath Basin during consideration of the Interior Appropriations bill.  June 17, 2004

Water bank leads list of irrigator concerns, 2/2/04, H&N. Written by Deb Crisp, executive director of Tulelake Growers Association. "We continue to struggle with a "water bank" that requires an unreasonable 75,000 acre-feet for 2004 and 100,000 acre-feet for 2005. This and numerous other issues are cause for great concern while we work to revive our highly productive agricultural lands and business community."

Tulelake Growers Association writes support for Long Lake study, 9/1/03

Comments on defeat of Blumenauer amendment, by Deb Crisp, TGA executive director, 7/22/03

Doolittle Statement on House Floor in Defense of Klamath Basin Farmers 7/18/03 for Real Player speech.
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Strike 2: House Defeats Blumenauer’s Second Attempt to Regulate Lease Lands,  KWUA Update by Dan Keppen
House defeats effort to end farming on wildlife refuges, 7/17/03 The Mercury News

 Tour of Upper Klamath Basin wetlands express how agriculture feeds wildlife...statements by USFWS and TNC (The Nature Conservancy) speakers, 7/16/03


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