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August 5, 2021

Mr. Jared Bottcher, Acting Area Manager
Klamath Basin Area Office
Bureau of Reclamation
6600 Washburn Way
Klamath Falls, OR 97603-9365

Letter PacifiCorp to Bureau of Reclamation: Request for PacifiCorp Temporary Water Borrow for Tule Lake Sump 1B

Dear Mr. Bottcher:

PacifiCorp received your letter requesting that we modify operations of the Klamath
Hydroelectric Project to allow the diversion of water from Keno Reservoir to support water
surface elevations in Tule Lake Sump 1B. The goal of this effort is to provide water into Sump
1B to protect endangered Lost River and Shortnose suckers in Sump 1B and improve conditions
for migratory waterfowl that rely on that habitat. PacifiCorp recognizes the challenges the 2021
water year has brought to the Klamath Basin and is happy to make adjustments to how we
operate our hydroelectric project to help balance the many competing demands for water.

This water will be made available by reducing discharge from Keno Dam by 150 cfs while
maintaining normal water surface elevations in Keno Reservoir allowing diversion of water from
the Lost River Diversion Channel. At the same time, PacifiCorp will provide 150 cfs from
reservoir storage to support minimum flows in the Klamath River downstream of Iron Gate Dam.
We understand that our reservoirs will operate at lower-than-normal elevations until water is
returned from Lost River flows after the irrigation season. PacifiCorp understands that
Reclamation will return water to PacifiCorp's reservoirs following the end of the irrigation
season in the Lost River in late September or early October.

PacifiCorp is developing operational plans for this action and will coordinate with your staff as
that schedule is finalized and throughout the action to make changes as necessary. PacifiCorp
appreciates the close collaboration between our organizations regarding the implementation of
Klamath River flow releases to support listed species while meeting our other respective
obligations and operational objectives.

Mr. Jared Bottcher, Acting Area Manager
Request for PacifiCorp Temporary Water Borrow for Tule Lake Sump 1B
August 5, 2021

Mark Sturtevant
Vice President, Renewable Resources

Demian Ebert, Tim Hemstreet – PacifiCorp
Dave Felstul – Reclamation

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