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August 29, 2012

Letter from Rick Bosetti, Candidate for California Assembly District 1, to KBC News in response to the Dahle supporter's emailing us the Redding eminent domain article regarding Bosetti

(KBC News),

Thank you very much for the opportunity respond to the City of Redding's use of eminent domain in the aforementioned email. First anyone is capable of going to the COR website and watching this item in it's entirety. The COR digitally records every Council meeting.

What they will find that this action was the culmination of 10 years of inaction by Mr. Cox the land owner whom the sewer easement as attained from. There was no taking of property. There was no restriction of use of property. As a matter of fact when the action is completed Mr. Cox will have improved use of his property.

I will explain and it can be viewed by anyone for my correctness. Mr. Cox acquired his parcel in 1989. In 1974 our General Plan map had placed a sewer line easement down what is Mr. Cox's driveway for 300+ or - feet. This was prior to his owning the land. It was designed to go there as to not impede upon or affect on the owner's home and or out buildings. For 10 years the 17 or more land owners above and behind him have wanted to put in the 4" sewer line so that they could develop their land. Mr. Cox refused every and any offer. Often times he refused to even acknowledge their presence. One year prior to our action we had a public meeting (that can be viewed) where Mr. Cox publicly states that he was willing negotiate in good faith with the owners of the land behind him. He did not. So they then came to the Council and asked us to take the action which they had originally requested. To acquire the sewer easement for them. We then did so. The final outcome is that a 4" sewer line will run down the middle of Mr. Cox's dirt driveway. The owners behind him will pay him $4200 for this and they will also pave the road. You will also see that Mr. Cox then requested stub outs in the sewer line so that he could take use of the line as well.

In summary, everything is viewable and the record will speak for itself. However I want to make one thing perfectly clear. This was a case for the proper use of eminent domain. It acquired a sewer easement that allowed other private land owners to enjoy the full use of their land. There was no taking and giving.

My entire point in this matter is about of my opponents untruthfulness, is not about the use of eminent domain. There will always be legitimate needs for it. It is nothing more than one of many planning tools for public agencies. Just be honest about your statements. Had my opponent said yes I have voted at times when it was necessary there would have been no response from me. I did not mention his transgression after the first few denials but then when I saw him make his statements to his friends at the Shasta County Farm Bureau & the Big Valley Cattlemen's Association it brought me even greater concern. That he felt compelled to mislead his friends. When the questioned was then again raised in Modoc which is in his back yard and again he misled them I went to the group and asked for a copy of the recording.

If one is truthful and honest about one's voting record then this is a non issue.

Rick Bosetti
Candidate for California Assembly District 1


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