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Itís About Regulatory Relief on Small Business and Pension Reform, Period

By Councilman Rick Bosetti, Candidate for State Assembly

Rick Bosetti is a Redding City Councilmember and candidate for Assembly who authored the first city pension reform to pass in California. Larger metropolitan cities such as San Jose and San Diego soon followed.

There has been a lot of negative and inaccurate mudslinging from outside groups (supporting both Brian Dahle and myself) and the Dahle campaign directly in this race for the 1st Assembly District. The Redding Record Searchlight just called one of Dahleís most recent hits on me regarding taxes as ďpreposterous.Ē They also concluded, ďRick Bosetti has been on the council for six years, and in that time the city has not raised taxes. Not little taxes, not big taxes. Not once. And there's no such thing as a mattress tax.Ē

While Iím grateful for support from the business community, itís important to keep the race for the 1st Assembly District focused on the issues most important to the North State Ė creating jobs and implementing pension reform. This is all my campaign and I have talked about and I will continue to share my sizeable plans for California to our North State voters as we approach Election Day.

I will, however, also continue to be critical of Brian Dahleís government union support of over $100,000 and their influence on him and his campaign; itís the large donkey in the room. Brian still has refused to talk about meaningful pension reform and waffles on Proposition 32, which will loosen both corporate and big labor influence on Sacramento. Itís sad.

Without real pension reform and business regulation reform in Sacramento to stimulate small business development, our state is doomed. The government unions and Gov. Brownís answer to our budgets and economy - more taxes. Higher taxes will push off any economic recovery for decades. Raising taxes to get out of a recession is like running a marathon backwards. Youíre focusing on what is already behind you as opposed to looking ahead and planning for the future.

Folks, as a Redding City Councilman, I, along with my cohorts, assessed our problems and addressed real change. We looked at major holes in our budget and put pension reform on the ballot and we won; both Republican and Democrats recognized the need for change. Now, we are in the black and also have our public safety and fire station staffing back to the same levels that they were at before the economy took a crash. In addition, we also cut city fees, which in turn created over 700 new jobs in the last few months alone. If we can to it, so should California.

Iím willing to stand up for the North State and put California back in the black. Once Prop 32 passes and the government union influence is removed from Sacramento, we should immediately address meaningful pension reform and target legislation that alleviates regulations on small business so they can create more jobs. Iím sure some of the other newly elected California State legislators will feel the same.

Businesses throughout the North State understand the need for change and Iíve received countless business endorsements, including: The Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce, California Small Business Association, Shasta Association of Realtors, California Realtors Association, Black Bear Diners, the Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce, Shasta Regional Medical Center, Sierra Pacific Industries, Shasta Builders Exchange, Shasta Farm Supply and Shasta Livestock Auction.

It would be an honor to have your support on Nov. 6th because we are all in this together.



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