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May 26. 2004

Mr. Dave Sabo
Area Manager
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
6600 Washburn Way
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603

Dear Mr. Sabo:

During a conversation this morning between Bob Davis from your office, Joe Frost, Operation Supervisor of Klamath Drainage District, myself, and Alvin Wilder by cell phone, it was confirmed to me that two pump units at Pumping Plant E and two pump units at Pumping Plant F are not functioning at 100%. It was reported that one unit had a bent impeller and that three units were incapacitated to some extent as a result of cavitation.  Mr. Wilder stated that it is anticipated that one unit at each plant, E and F, would be repaired this year by contract.

I am concerned on three issues relating to the pumping units.  The first being the priority that Klamath Drainage District has regarding pumping capacity.  As you know, the District has by contract "proper drainage of the District lands".  If a flood event should occur this may not be achievable.  The second issue is the cost of the repairs.  It is my understanding that you presently do not have the personnel in your organization to do the removal of the pump units as has been customary in the past.  I encourage you to rectify this as soon as practical.  I consider operation and maintenance to be the priority for the Klamath Area Project.  It is my suggestion that you ask the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges Complex management if they might have qualified personnel available to assist in removing the pumps considering that they share in the cost of operating the Straits Drain. Thirdly, problems associated by cavitation are generally the result of improper operation.  It is unacceptable that three units have been damaged as a result of this problem.  The District should not have to pay for the incompetent operation of project facilities.  The operation of Pumping Plants E, EE, F and FF have consistently been problematic.   I have had numerous conversations regarding pump operations and have never had a satisfactory resolution.


I have talked to Dave Solem from Klamath Irrigation District and Earl Danosky from Tulelake Irrigation District and they expressed the same frustration with project operations.


Mr. Dave Sabo                             -2-                          May 26, 2004


I suggest a meeting between the Managers and Boards of the Project Districts and yourself and Cecil Lesley to talk over our frustrations with project operations.  Would you respond with a date and time?


Sam Henzel







cc:   Kirk C. Rodgers

Regional Director

Mid-Pacific Regional Office

Federal Office Building

2800 Cottage Way

Sacramento, CA 95825-1898