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Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
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 Questions for the Bureau of Reclamation. We would like answers to share with our readers:
* Where is the Bureau with the reconsultation process  that was said to occur in 2006 regarding the biological opinion?
What is the latest update on the Barnes Ranch acquisition/purchase?
* Did  leasing of Barnes property by the Bureau provide any water savings/storage for irrigators?
There have been questions by our agriculture communities regarding the Chadwick process:
* Is the Chadwick consensus process replacing the CIP process that many community members and organizations gave input into?
* If the CIP process is going to resume, when will it begin? Draft 2 was in February 2004.
* Chadwick has many committees, including power rate committee, dam removal, tribal trust, water demand reduction, returning the forests to the tribes, etc. If a person, lets say a farmer, does not drive to Yreka or Scott Valley or wherever to participate in the 3-day meetings, how will he/she have a voice in your consensus decisions?



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