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Rex Wahl, '74, is the new executive director for the Forest Guardians, an active environmental group in Santa Fe. Wahl was the senior environmental planner for Entranco, a Phoenix, Ariz., engineering and consulting firm.
The wildfires that have raged across 13 Western states burned away a large measure of Rex Wahl’s environmental dogmatism as well. Wahl is executive director of Forest Guardians, a radical environmentalist group in New Mexico that has unconditionally opposed logging. This year’s disastrous fire season has prompted Wahl to modify his opinions as millions of acres of forest have been converted into air pollution. In May, Wahl was a witness to the disastrous Cerro Grande wildfire, which began as a federal "controlled burn" and metastasized into an unmanageable inferno that decimated 48,000 acres and inflicted more than $1 billion in damage.


Charles (Rex) Wahl, a GS-12 Environmental Specialist,
In 2006 a GS-12 made somewhere between $55,000 and &72,000 pay plus benefits.

From Dave:
Rex Wahl guy is the same Rex Wahl that was ED of Forest Guardians in 2000 and 2001? The issue here is how some
proven zealot could get a job as a NEPA COMPLIANCE officer with a federal agency. Blows my mind. Also irritates the heck out of me that none in the press have revealed Rex's past employment.
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