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Water Data Update March 21, 2005

Water Year Type
Upper Klamath Lake: Dry
Klamath River: Dry

Other Information
Snow Pack Percent of Average: 29%

UKL April September Stream Flow Forecast: 185,000 acre-feet
Upper Klamath Lake Level: 4142.60 Feet
Upper Klamath Lake Inflow as of March 20, 2005: 966 cubic feet per second (cfs)

Link River Releases: 281 cfs
Keno Releases: 326 cfs

Flow from Scott: 489 cfs
Flow from Shasta: 195 cfs
Releases from Iron Gate: 859 cfs
Biological Opinion Requirement: 695 cfs

Credited against Water Bank: 105 cfs

Released to Allow PaficiCorp Repairs: 159 cfs

Water Bank Used to Date: 11, 635 acre-feet
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