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Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation

Water Data Update October 11, 2006

Water Year Type (Year Types are set according to total inflow and do not reflect current conditions)

Upper Klamath Lake:  Above Average (This is the highest-level classification for the lake.)

Klamath River:  Wet (This is the highest flow classification for the river.)

Additional Information

Snowpack Basin-wide Percent of Average:  0

Upper Klamath Lake April-September 30th

Stream Flow Forecast:  820,000 acre-feet at 50-percent exceedance

Klamath River Flow Forecast:  793,000 acre-feet at 70-percent exceedance

Upper Klamath Lake Level:  4,138.62 feet      

Upper Klamath Lake Inflow 7-day Average:  1,275 cubic feet per second (cfs)

 Link River Releases:  510  cfs 

Keno Releases:  975 cfs 

Iron Gate Dam Releases:  1,310 cfs 

Requirement October through February for Wet Year Type in Biological Opinion:  1,300 cfs

Shasta River Flow:  163  cfs 

Scott River Flow:  72 cfs 

Trinity River Basin Extremely Wet Water Year (This year classification was set according to total inflow and does not reflect current conditions.)

Trinity River Releases below Lewiston Dam:  449  cfs

Trinity River Flow at Hoopa Gauge:  832 cfs 

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