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In bed with Chicago firm
Letter to the editor Herald and News 3/29/05

While we read about the Langell Valley and Horsefly irrigation districts water users bracing for no water from Clear Lake, the citizens of that rural area are now having a water-sucking power plant forced upon them by the Klamath County Board of Commissioners.

The locally elected board climbed into bed with the Chicago-based Peoples Energy to provide power not to the residents of the region, but to have it sold elsewhere.

The Cob power plant will suck the life-giving water from the Bonanza Balsom well until that well goes dry. Cob will simply move on to destroy another rural area.

Here in Modoc County, after 30 years of pumping my household water by hand, I have been in a 15-month struggle to be allowed to have electric power for running water in my home.

The Modoc Public Works Department has placed obstacle after obstacle to deny me a basic resource most Americans take for granted: running water.

I will be supporting the legal fund for Save Our Rural Oregon and hope that those folks who have felt the strong-handed tactics of local bureaucrats will wish me luck as I once again ask for help from my board of supervisors.

The Rev. David Porter Misso
43336 State Highway 139





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