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1/9/04  Oregon Department of Energy has just released the Draft Proposed Order (available at  http://www.energy.state.or.us/siting/cobdpo.pdf  ) recommending that the Energy Facility Siting Council "find that reasons justify allowing the proposed use to remove ... farmland from commercial agricultural production."  It states that the "applicant must still show reasons justifying why a goal should not apply..."   Now they only require 210 gallons per minute for industrial use. 

We still object to them using ground water for this process when they could use wastewater or surface water.  More importantly, though, from a legal perspective, is that they no longer need to be located at this site.  They no longer need access to this well which produces such a great quantity of water.  The Department of Energy's draft recommends they are allowed their exception.  Based on Oregon law, we would argue that they should not qualify for a Goal 3 exception.

Lyn Brock
Bonanza, Oregon

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