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Give it to Klamath Falls


Regarding the Cob Energy Facility proposed for Langell Valley:

It is a new month, and I am talking about this pipe dream of a power plant in an alfalfa field again.

There have been some letters from Klamath Falls people saying they want this plant, and I think they should get it. Klamath Falls has a perfect piece of real estate next to the Cogeneration plant already zoned correctly. No need to upset a few hundred farmers. No need to carve up seven miles of forest for power line. And, I think, there is a big monetary bonus in this for Klamath Falls.

The state is collecting several million dollars in exchange for carbon dioxide violations, which never made sense to me. However, it would make perfect sense for Klamath Falls to collect the money in exchange for allowing the plant in its industrial area. Truth is, this makes so much sense I can't imagine why it wasn't the plan in the first place.

I'll bet if a few people running for county commissioner got behind this you would have a deal that would please just about everyone.

Oh, and by the way, what is wrong with dredging the lake? Does that make too much sense, too?

Don Stanton






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