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H&N letter to editor, 2/19/04   Fight generating plant

Some of the Herald and News readers probably still don't know about Peoples Energy Company's intense effort towards building a huge 1.2 gigawatt gas-fired electric generation (Cob) plant in rural Klamath County about 20 miles east of Klamath Falls.

Some others believe that there are only a few marginal small farmers, barely hanging on in the plant site vicinity, who are vehemently opposed to the plant. Most of these farmers are successful because of their brilliance and perseverance and are knowledgeable in other fields as well. The volcanic legacy includes the excellent soil for farming.

Unlike other professionals, family farmers cannot relocate towards staying in and advancing in the same profession.

I am an engineer, and worked for about 10 different organizations before retiring and relocating here. Often my moving expenses were paid. I had no idea that a gigantic industrial plant would be sited in the very area that I frequently visit for recreational purposes.

Remember the line from the song: "Home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play"? I enjoy watching these animals and the eagles and drive only a few minutes from home. Regarding these beautiful creatures, do you care about the increased road kill and habitat destruction that will result from the construction and operation of the plant?

All Oregonians, please help stop this dangerous, precedent-setting encroachment. Please write to: Save Our Rural Oregon, P.O. Box 436, Bonanza 97623 to express your opposition to the Cob. Thank you.

Also, please write your own letters to the editor of this and other newspapers.

C. Berkeley Cone

Klamath Falls





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