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No breaks for Cob plant

Herald and News 10/30/03 letter to the editor

Why are two of our Klamath County commissioners so on the fence? John Elliott and Al Switzer will not commit to the Cob power generating project, or say no to it.

One reason these two men are for the Cob and won't admit same is the fact if they extend the enterprise zone for the Cob they will be making a big deal (for 10 years). Cob will pay zero taxes to Klamath County, except for $1 million a year. I haven't seen a contract to paying $1 million, so maybe that is just hot air.

This sweetheart deal is called strategic investments for projects of $100 million or more. (The Cob will be worth more than $750 million.) Klamath County will lose at least $55 million to $65 million in taxes for the 10-year period.

I wonder if Switzer and Elliott will feel proud to give away approximately $55 million to $65 million to the Cob?

To extend the enterprise zone to Bonanza, the runway at the city airport plus Mills will be changed or relocated to the Cob in Bonanza?

It could be like checkers. Move one enterprise zone or two to another area which provides a freebie in taxes.

It seems most all of the city officials are in agreement with Switzer and Elliott on economic development.

I equate economic development with corporate welfare.

If a company wants to come to Oregon, then let it pay its fair share of taxes. If it doesn't pay, someone else pays to balance the taxes.

These are my opinions arrived at by analyzing the actions of these people and seeing their modifications to accommodate the Cob and Peoples Energy.

Nancy Roeder

Klamath Falls




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