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It's about water
Herald and News 7/27/04

Wake up, thinking people.

The proposed Cob power plant is not about taxes, jobs, or even electricity.

Like everything else in the Klamath Basin, it's about water.

Access to water is the single greatest problem in the western United States today. The hardworking farmers of Langell Valley sit atop a wonderful aquifer, and that is the primary reason Cob is spreading largesse around the county - How much do you need? - How much do you need?

Once they put in their power plant, with its gargantuan well shafts, the aquifer belongs to them. They will drain it dry just as surely as the Colorado River is drained dry.

Our pure water will go to Las Vegas and Sacramento and all the other fast-growing metropolises that will pay a hundred thousand dollars per acre-foot.

That will destroy agriculture in the Bonanza area, and for what - 10 new jobs and a million bucks a year?

Commissioners Al Switzer and John Elliott should hang their big-shot heads in shame. And if Rep. Bill Garrard now realizes he was wrong, he should get busy stopping this monstrous theft.

To guys like Rob Trotta, we're a bunch of nave hicks. Back at corporate headquarters, the executives must be laughing hysterically. Look at that Trotta hustle. He's buying Manhattan with beads. How does he do it?

Stanley Heidrich





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