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They aren't listening

On Jan. 22 we attended the meeting in Lorella concerning the Cob generating plant proposed for Bonanza. We were desperately trying to dissuade the Chicago conglomerate and our own publicly funded officials from fouling our pristine, wonderful area. The only ones in the large crowd in favor were three or four union workers hoping to gain by the venture.

At one point, one of our paid bureaucrats, "Art," was asked how much weight they would attribute to our testimony. He danced around that issue in good political style.

When pressed repeatedly, however, he finally made it known that they didn't have to listen to the public and probably would not. So much for government for the people and by the people. Made you feel good about leaving important work to come to a meeting.

There appears to be overwhelming opposition - a landslide you might say - by the people. We have repeatedly voiced our protest. We have repeatedly proven the discrepancies in the plan. Yet our paid representatives continue to dance.

The ill-conceived Cob project should have been halted by now, and yet it stumbles on as if none of us in Langell Valley had said a word. I think minds have been made up for whatever reason. Logic does not impress them.

I can't imagine why elected officials and state and county employees will not listen to the people who pay their salaries. As far as I can see, this comes down to the ballot box and the courts.

Lance Kent


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