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Letters to the editor

Published February 4, 2005

Cob plant supporters wrong

The Herald and News editorial board, Trey Senn of the Klamath County Economic Development Association and the members of the business public who have spoken in public support of locating the Cob power plant in Langell Valley, obviously do not live near the proposed power plant site, nor do they understand the ramifications of its siting.

Had any of them read all of the information presented during this process, they would not be in favor of the power plant. They have listened only to Peoples Energy's sales pitch about how much money it will bring in, not the profound effect this 1,160-megawatt facility will have for the next 30 years.

Multi-billion-dollar, multinational power companies and their gas plants do not belong in the middle of farmland.

They do not need tax breaks in order to make massive profits.

People's Energy has consistently tried to take advantage of the county's airshed, clean aquifer, roads and infrastructure.

It has asked for, and received, exemptions from the laws of the county and state.

It avoided Klamath County siting procedures and went directly to the Oregon Department of Energy super-siting board to take any input away from the county. Is this the kind of cooperation you want as neighbors?

The rest of the citizen population of the county receives nothing like the tax breaks People's Energy has proposed.

Many ranches and businesses in the area already provide more jobs each than this plant will provide during the next 30 years.

Please think about the very limited positive economic impact this plant will have after all of the damaged roads and bridges are rebuilt.

Think about the land, beef cattle operations and dairies damaged by the excess millions of tons of carbon dioxide and particulate carbon being mitigated for by a payment of $13 million to the green environmentalist group, "Climate Trust," to be used in third world countries.

Think about the loss of property value of the surrounding homes, farms and ranches.

I am sure that if our county commissioners or the Klamath Falls City Council members or the biased Herald and News editorial board had a home or ranch near this enterprise zone, the Cob plant would never exist.

Instead of being blinded by the dollar amounts, the above officials should be concerned with the facts and concerns of the public.

Diana Giordano

11431 West Langell Valley Road





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