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Herald and News letters to the editor 3/10/05

Greed rules county

A regular Joe Schmoe wants to locate a business out near Bonanza on farm ground. His request is denied because we have rules and regulations that must be followed.

Along comes Cob power plant offering millions to the county. We can make a rule change for you, as we want your millions very much. A vote to extend the free enterprise zone along Highway 140 through Dairy and Bonanza is held and the county commissioners vote 2-1.

A couple of years down the road, a very noisy business, willing to offer millions, wants to move into the area. We wouldn't want to impose the noise on a lot of people. Idea - we've got a free enterprise zone clear to Bonanza. Let's locate it near Dairy or Olene so the noise won't irritate too many people. Commissioners vote 2-1.

Then along comes another outfit offering millions. Its sole liability is that it exudes a very foul odor. Idea - We've got a free enterprise zone clear past Bonanza now. Let's extend it to the head of Langell Valley so it won't irritate too many folks. Commissioners vote 2-1.

Gary and Linda Terpening

Langell Valley





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