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COB info by Lyn Brock 11/11/06

Mail, e-mail or fax comments on the Proposed Amendment to Extend the Site Certificate Deadline for the Cob Electric Generation Facility.

Comments should address one or more of the questions below regarding standards in the site certificate:

1.  How will extending the deadline affect COB's compliance with standards?
2.  Have any standards or regulations changed since 2004?
3.  Have any site characteristics or other circumstances changed since 2004 (if so, how do those changes affect COB's compliance with standards)?

More information is available at the Oregon Department of Energy Web site at   http://oregon.gov/ENERGY/SITING/docs/COBSC.pdf

Please send comments by December 15, 2006 by mail, fax or e-mail.  (Prior deadline was shown as November 15 but has been extended)
Mail to    Adam Bless, Oregon Department of Energy, 625 Marion St. NE, Salem, OR 97301
E-mail to   adam.bless@state.or.us
Fax:  503-373-7806
Information about COB siting can be found at:  http://www.oregon.gov/ENERGY/SITING/COB.shtml

This one  has the Request for Extension posted:   http://www.oregon.gov/ENERGY/SITING/announce.shtml

Article in Herald and News about the meeting Wednesday night can be read at:  http://www.heraldandnews.com/articles/2006/11/10/news/local_news/local2.txt

COB has asked for a one year extension.  There is no limit as to how many extensions they could ask for.

It was disappointing that only a few of us were there to speak against the COB.  How many of you are still against this power plant being built in Langell Valley?  

The only folks at the meeting were Cindy Deas, Leslie Lowe, Carl Gibson, Nancy Roeder, Ann Fairclo, Commissioner Bill Brown, my husband Bill and I plus Tom Rios representing the unions and a few of his workers.  Of course there were the folks who put on the meeting plus COB representative (Paul Turner is no longer with COB) and the attorney and there were two representatives of J-Power.  We were pleased that the facilitators of the meeting allowed us to more than make comments.  We had the opportunity to ask Steve Thome of J-Power USA questions and to bring to his attention several points that we wanted to emphasize.  It appeared that the representative of COB as well as Steve Thome and the new in-charge person from ODOE were not as familiar with the project as were those of us who have been through the process to date. The new in-charge person is Adam Bless who was in attendance during some of the meetings during the COB process in 2004.  (For any of you who do not know, Cathy VanHorn who was the in-charge person from Department of Energy on the COB project passed away suddenly in September as a result of a pulmonary embolism leaving behind a husband and an eight year old daughter).  I would encourage any of you who have questions or comments to contact Adam Bless and I know he is trying to be as responsive and fair to us as was Cathy.

I would like to hear from all of you if you want us to continue to oppose this siting. 

Right now the question is:  What has changed since 2004 that might relate to the siting of the facility?  One thing I thought of was that OWRD study was completed which labels this area as a critical groundwater area.  The one that Department of Energy is concerned with right now is that COB is being bought by J-Power a subsidiary of a Japanese power company.  They will have to meet the organizational expertise standard so ODOE has asked them for more information.  They have until December 1st to reply.  That is why the deadline for us to reply has been extended until December 15th... so that we can read their responses before we send in our comments.  I can think of other items which we need to address... conditions which have changed.  Can you help me by adding items to our list of points we need to bring before the Department of Energy? 

Also, please talk to folks you know who might be opposed to this siting.  And let me know if the meetings should be in Lorella instead of in Klamath Falls.  This is one thing we talked about with Adam Bless on Wednesday night.   

The Siting Council will be back here (Klamath County) to make the decision on the extension.

If you or anyone you talk with wants to be added to my list for emailing or has been omitted, please call me or email me with an email address.

Lyn Brock
Bonanza, Oregon
(541) 545-1205
email:  brock@kfalls.net (with something about COB on subject line, please)


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