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Threat to water supply

Herald and News 1/13/06

I would like to express my concern about the Klamath County commissioners on their decision to take exclusive farm use land out of production and grant approval for the Cob power plant.

I think the result of the city of Klamath Falls' choice to build a profitable power plant was a major motive behind the commissioners' decision.

I think commissioners should be ready for the consequences of their decision to waive the taxes for the Cob power plant to receive one-time money that can be used for pet projects by the commissioners.

I recommend they place the money from the power plant into a certificate of deposit, or a money market account because they may need it later.

As Klamath County commissioners, they may not be aware of a State of Oregon test well that was drilled in 2000 in the Shasta View Irrigation District to monitor an irrigation well. State hydrologists have been compiling underground water table data since 2000. They also have been monitoring domestic wells and other irrigation wells in the area and compiling that data.

The data they have collected demonstrate fluctuations in the water table when irrigation wells in the area and those along the California state line are turned on and off. The state hydrologists have determined the water underground flows from north to south, and the state's test well is due south of the proposed Cob power plant.

My house is also due south of the proposed power plant and the state hydrologists have been collecting water table data on my domestic well.

When and if the power plant goes on line and ground water is used to generate power, the state will have data demonstrating that the water table reductions are due to the power plant. Worst case scenario: If irrigation wells and domestic wells go dry there will be sufficient scientific data from the state to demonstrate the power plant was the culprit.

Remember the one-time money I suggested commissioners put into savings? They may be held liable and have to drill new wells and pay expenses incurred during the time Klamath County citizens are without water. Perhaps they should reconsider their decision to take agriculture land out of production and allow the power plant.

Jim Shanks





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