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Reschke: I will seek cuts in government's size, scope


    Who I am

    My name is E. Werner Reschke. I am the Republican nominee for State Representative District 56. I won the primary by 70 percent, the largest margin of victory in 20 years for a contested Republican primary.

    I am a local businessman who has owned my own company for 16 years. I am a Christian, who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, and a dedicated family man.

    I am a working citizen, not a career politician. I am involved with my community and live peaceably with those around me. During my life I have seen our state transform from traditional, conservative values to a progressive, socialist agenda. We have an interim governor whose agenda leans heavily towards socialism.

    What I believe

    I believe in a better Oregon. My candidacy is about returning to the founding principles of our nation: limited government and liberty for all. In short, Salem’s fiscal problems are caused by poor spending habits, not the amount of revenue it collects. Therefore, I will remain steadfast against higher taxes, fees and more regulations. I will look for ways to cut the size, scope and waste in government and return liberty to “We The People”.

    My campaign slogan is “Your Liberty First.” In order to have liberty, you must first protect all human life. Therefore I am pro-life and have been endorsed by Oregon Right To Life.

    I believe that liberty can only thrive when government is limited. Much of our protection for liberty is through gun rights. I am a member of the NRA and the Oregon Firearms Federation has rated me 100 percent for my stance on the Second Amendment. I also stand for the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Unfortunately, today many people are confused about this phrase. The classical definition for happiness is not about doing anything you want. Rather happiness is defined as a well-lived life that manifests wisdom, kindness and goodness, a life of virtue and character. I believe, as the Founders did, that the primary role of government is to protect these natural, unalienable rights — not redistribute wealth.

    My 2017-2018 legislative goals:

    No new or higher taxes.

    Repeal new mnimum wage law — An Oregon job killer and inflation catalyst.

    Common sense energy — Put ratepayers first, not special interests

    Protect the Bill of Rights.

    Advocate Klamath River dams — Improve benefits for both people and fish. We have been presented a false choice that it must be one or the other.

    Excellence in education — Put children first, not public unions and bureaucrats.


    Advocate the return of Oregon lands to the state from federal control.

    Salem’s costs are out of control. Government monopolies produce mediocre services at the worst possible prices. We often hear about budgeting problems or revenue shortfalls. As a businessman, I look at both sides of the ledger. The one side I control are costs. This is where action must first take place. But Salem often ignores costs and operates with a sole focus on increasing revenue — taking more money from us.

    Oregon Department of Transportation is a great example. ODOT’s bi-annual budget is $2 billion, yet only $325 million is used to maintain state roads and bridges. It doesn’t take a person with an MBA to see there are serious issues with ODOT’s internal structure.

    What is the Democrat solution? A new gas tax. This is like putting a Band-Aid on skin cancer. It may temporarily hide the ugliness, but solves nothing. Underneath, the real problem grows worse.

    I have spent my entire business career analyzing problems, finding the root cause and then working to solve the real problem with successful cost-effective solutions.

    Therefore, I will work with anyone in Salem who is willing to tackle each issue head on in order to produce the real solutions Oregonians deserve. I will not cut deals to create political solutions which may make me popular with the political establishment but ignore the real problems our state faces.

    We need a state representative with the resolve to stand up and champion our way of life for our liberty, so we can pursue real happiness.

    Join me in protecting our rural values and making Oregon great.Learn more at ElectWerner.com.



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