June 6, 2008

      Saturday was a day to rejoice for graduating seniors from Tulelake High School, a rural community at the south end of the Klamath Project.
    In a rural school, everyone is somebody. All kids can excel in something: Future Farmers of America, 4-H, academic decathlon, sports--everyone is important.
      Many of these students grew up feeding cattle, plowing fields, changing wheellines, or accompanying their parents who are farmers, ranchers, farm laborers, or local small business owners. They learned hard work and values. They remember 2001 when the water was cut off to all of the farms, and they didn't know where their food would come from, or what their parents would do. They've seen their parents and neighbors caretake their land, and defend their rights and what they believe in, using skills they acquired along the way.
      These students have high hopes and plans, from joining the military to majoring in biomedical engineering, and everything in between. Some received full scholarships to colleges of their choice. They believe in themselves, and know they can achieve their goals by hard work and discipline, God willing.
      Congratulations, Class of 2008

Photo Jacqui Krizo, Tulelake High School class of 2008