I want to express my deep-felt thanks and gratitude to Senator Doug Whitsett and to Representative Gail Whitsett for their years, decades of tireless work, dedicated service, and faithfulness to our communities and to rural Oregon, and for the conservative values they have fought to instill and maintain in our state government.
A seemingly thankless work by some in our community.
There are two other conservative men in our community who have fought locally for limited government and conservative values. They have stepped up to fill the void of conservative leadership in our state government in Salem. I thank former Klamath County Commissioner Dennis Linthicum and local businessman Werner Reschke for their local leadership, dedication, and efforts and for their willingness to provide conservative values and leadership in Salem on behalf of our citizens and communities.
I know these men to be good God-fearing conservative individuals who love this community and have the courage and willingness to take these values to Salem and to continue the fight for rural Oregon that Doug and Gail Whitsett have so faithfiilly and tirelessly fought for.
If you have not had the opportunity to meet these men, I encourage you to meet them and support their efforts to prevent more laws, rules, and regulations from being passed in Salem that strip each of us of our resources and God-given freedoms. You and I can spend our monies far more wisely than government bureaucrats. "Government that governs least governs best."
May God continue to bless our communities, our state and this great nation through the dedicated service of men and women willing to serve the citizens of our communities and not their own self-serving interests.
Earl Wessel