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http://klamathnews.net/2016/3/25/kbra-slash-khsa-special-interest-stench-follows-write-in-candidates KBRA/KHSA Special Interest Stench Follows Write-In Candidates :: Klamath News
The KBRA (Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement) was written in secret, behind closed doors by self-appointed people. After finalized, the KBRA was sold to the broader community as the best way forward to solve all water issues. Tribes would get prime timber land, fishermen would get fish, farmers would get water — what’s not to love in this wonderful agreement? It’s a win-win... or so the proponents claimed.

The problem with the KBRA/KHSA is that they both promoted special interests over the interest of the people. While these groups (Tribes, some farmers and fishermen) got what they wanted, the burden (aka the cost of this agreement) would fall on Pacific Power rate payers and tax payers. This is always how special interests work — benefits for the few at the table, and everyone else ends up with the bill.

Now think about the write-in candidates that challenge Dennis Linthicum for the State Senate and E. Werner Reschke for State Representative. A group of self-appointed people met in private to draft candidates. When their decision had been made they began to sell these people as the best way to move forward in Salem. Sound familiar? Once again, this is not the will of the people, but the will of a special interest group who are angry there is not a liberal or Democrat in the race they can support. Therefore they have drafted two write-in candidates, with R's on their name badges, but who have policies that align well with liberal ideas, not conservative ones. It is no coincidence advocates for the KBRA are also the same people who have drafted these write-ins.

But that is not enough. This special interest group is also encouraging Democrats and Independents to switch to the Republican party for the primary. People are not switching because they are changing their political views and now want to become Republicans, but to help steal the Republican nomination away from conservatives — the base of the Republican party and the base of this community.

So once again special interests are pushing their agenda as if it is best for the everyone. In reality, it is a win-win them and for their write-in candidates. Should the write-ins win, who do you think they will have an allegiance to — the people or the special interests? And then who do you think will bear the cost for their grand write-in idea?


  1. Lee Webber ~ Mar. 25, 2016 @ 12:10 pm
    Right on! It's possible that Whitsett's had this planned, but so be it, no laws were broken. I think we need someone in office who is conservative. Who does the Mayor think he is? What business is this of his? As far as I'm concerned he is a drunk that should be voted out of office... #
  2. George George ~ Mar. 25, 2016 @ 1:37 pm
    Many of Mike Judge’s fans will be thrilled to learn that his famous duo, Beavis & Butt-Head are back! Who could portray them better than a couple of RINO’s from Klamath County? Al Switzer, a disgruntled former commissioner that couldn’t even place second in his own party’s primary, is hoping conservatives have forgotten why he lost so badly in 2012. He received fewer votes than the Democrat candidate running for his office, which lost in the general election to Tea Party Conservative, Tom Mallams. Switzer supported the KBRA that was a key issue during the campaign. In other words, he supports dam removal that has been rejected by both California and Oregon residents. Todd Kepple, a former Herald & News reporter is the other half of the duo. Need I say more about his connections with The Herald & News? Anyone who has been in Klamath County for awhile is well aware of the newspaper’s position in local politics, and it isn’t exactly conservative. Kepple led the public safety levy in a losing attempt to convince Klamath County voters the jail needed 5 million dollars to stay afloat. Soon after the levy attempt failed the county again found enough money to continue. The attempt to raise money for public safety was honorable, but the amount that his committee asked for was beyond the pale. The request was not unusual given the political ideology of many of the committee members that included Kepple, and Kelly Minty Morris, both RINO’s. If the amount asked for would have reflected the actual amount needed it is quite possible the levy would have passed. The torch bearer for the write-in candidates is none other than the liberal Klamath Falls Mayor, Todd Kellstrom. Remember Pine Cone Corporation and his losing eminent domain court case? He has also spent a great deal of taxpayer’s money to study another ‘takeover” of a local utility. Obama would be proud of Mayor Kellstrom! The talking points for the group is; “Tea Party Republicans are too conservative!” They insist we need representatives that will get on their knees for the Democrats in Salem and, “Shine their shoes?” Just because we don’t have a majority of conservatives in Salem doesn’t mean, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” We have to continue to fight with every possible method at our disposal to defeat the RINO Republicans who want to hand it all over to the Socialist/Communist Democrats! The “Todd’s” are no different than the McConnell’s, the Boehner’s and the Ryan’s in Washington DC. They would elect Beavis & Butt-Head rather than Tea Party Republicans! This has been an amazing election cycle. It has filtered out the RINO’s all the way from Washington DC to Klamath County. They have finally had to come out of the closet because We the People are finally fed up and are calling them out on the lies they have espoused for decades. Folks, this is happening right here in our back yards, and it is real! This is the year of reckoning of our culture and way of life, vote accordingly!



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