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Klamath Water And Power Agency (KWAPA)

Important Notice

Supplemental Land Idling Program for area served by

Upper Klamath Lake and Klamath River


The KWAPA Board of Directors, at their special Board meeting on September 24th, determined that the Supplemental Land Idling program shall apply to those lands that

1)      Normally receive surface irrigation water from Upper Klamath Land and the Klamath River

2)      Have received no irrigation water, surface or groundwater, from November 2009 through October 31, 2010.  There lands will be eligible for full payment of $180 per acre

3)      Has received no irrigation water, surface or groundwater, from November 2009 until after July 11, 2010 and will forgo further irrigation from September 30, 2010 through October 31, 2010.  These lands will be paid $90 per acre.

The deadline to sign up for this program has been extended to October 15, 2010 at 4:00 PM. If you irrigated no sooner than  July 11, 2010 you need to stop irrigating by September 30, 2010 to be eligible for $ 90 per acre. If you have not irrigated at all and wish to be eligible to receive $180 per acre, continue NOT to irrigate.   Application forms are available at the KWAPA office at 735 Commercial Street, Suite 4000, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603, or by emailing Tara@kwua.org. For questions contact KWAPA staff at (541) 850-2503.



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