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Klamath Water And Power Agency

KWAPA public meeting notice


735 Commercial Street I Suite 4000 I Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601 I 541.850.2503 I 541.883.8893 fax I www.kwua.org


June 7, 2011

@ 12:30 PM, KWAPA Office

1) Call to Order

2) Approve agenda

3) Approve minutes of previous meetings

4) Financial Statement

5) Outstanding invoices

6) Should KWAPA request that Reclamation reserve for KWAPA the right of first refusal of any Reclamation controlled power generation opportunities

7) KBRA Issues

a) Review Committee’s Recommendation for OPP Consultant

b) Review Committee’s Recommendation for PIC Consultant

c) Special Board Meeting for June 21, 2011 to approve Consultant Contracts.

d) Review of the meeting on May 18 with PP&L. Number of meters issue

e) Review of the meeting on May 19 with Western Power

f) Authorize KWAPA as a “Cooperative Agency” in EIS of the Dam Removal.

g) Contract with Paul Simmons for Cooperative Agency representation


a) Contract with MBK for the Groundwater Efficiency Use Analysis project

b) Domestic well program report

c) Land Idling KWAPA-denial dispute claim (Jim Rupert)

9) Contract with OWRD for funding USGS ground water model (if available by the time of the meeting)

10) Purchase of equipment

11) Staff training

12) Other items and comments from audience

13) Executive Session: Leased Lands Land Idling Rescinded Agreements: Legal update

14) Adjourn

Jan Million
Klamath Water & Power Agency
Administrative Assistant
735 Commercial St., Ste 4000/ PO Box 1282
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Ph#: 541-850-2503 x1000 , Fax# 541-883-8893

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