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July 9, 2013

@ 12:30 PM, KWAPA Office

1.      Call to Order

Announcement: Welcome to KWAPA’s regularly scheduled Board of Director meeting this July 9, 2013.  The audience has the right to observe and listen to the proceedings.  Members of the public are advised to withhold from making comments until the public comment period, unless specifically called upon by the Chairman.  Thank you for respecting the time of the Board and audience so that the business of KWAPA can be conducted in a timely manner.

2.      Approve agenda

3.      Approve Minutes of Previous Meetings

4.      Financial Statement

5.      Outstanding Invoices

6.      WUMP

a)      Reclamation Procedures Review of WUMP

b)      Water Supply Outlook

c)      Program Operation

i)       Adjudication report

ii)      Groundwater Pumping report

iii)     Demand Management report

iv)     Evaluate impact on refuges

7.      OPP

8.      Next meeting date

9.      Report from Greg Addington on June 20 D.C. discussion

10.   Other items and Comments from Audience:
Those wishing to address the Board are advised to keep their comments to less than 2 minutes.  In consideration of others who may also wish to address the board, if you cannot keep comments less than 2 minutes, please submit them in writing.

11.   Adjourn


Also, KWAPA Board of Directors will meet jointly with the Klamath Water Users Association Board of Directors immediately following the conclusion of the above agenda.  The agenda of topics to be discussed in this meeting is as follows:


Joint Meeting with Klamath Water and Power Agency

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

KWUA Office

12:30 p.m.


1.     NOTE: 
*** Indicates related documents in board packets 
Call to Order  


2.     Review and Approve Agenda 


3.     Announcements/Guest Reports

4.     Previous Meeting Minutes

a.      Review and approve  June  Regular meeting minutes (Derry & Unruh must sign)***


5.     Financials

a.      Treasurer Report

b.     Financials – Review & Receive monthly financial statements ***


6.     Old Business:

a.      Operations Report                                                                             

                           i.          Conditions, demand***

                         ii.          Adjudication issues

                                                    i.     Motion for stay

b.     Klamath Water Hearing – Washington D.C., June

c.      Power

                           i.          Joint Power Committee meeting

                         ii.          Federal Power

                       iii.          Need for Consultant

d.     KWUA/KWAPA goals


7.     New Business:

a.      BOR meeting with David Murillo

b.     Public Relations Committee


8.     General Reading information

a.      Copy of revised KWUA scheduled meetings for July/August


Thank you.



Jennifer Watt

Administrative Assistant

Klamath Water & Power Agency

735 Commercial St., Ste 4000/ PO Box 1282

Klamath Falls, OR 97601

Ph#: 541-850-2503 x1000 , Fax# 541-883-8893



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