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Political Reality

by Bill Kennedy, Klamath Falls, letter to the editor 10/15/08

One of the realities of the Klamath County Charter is that it takes the career out of the County Commission positions. There will no longer be promises of easy street salaries and benefits offered to hand picked candidates by a few political party operatives.

Creating non-partisan positions for the Board of Commissioners is attractive because it will diffuse much of the blame and bickering the voters are tired of. Instead of finger pointing and blame, the Klamath County Charter addresses real needs and direction to make our county government work for the people, all the people.

Non-partisan positions eliminate primary elections. This, along with commissioner district voting, will substantially reduce the cost of running for office. One election instead of two and district campaigns instead of campaigns countywide is good.

Last week I heard a voter express that he was “Mad as !*##” and fed up with politics based on blame and fear. It is more than sad that the special interest groups, opposed to the Klamath County Charter, are preying on vulnerable voters with fear and emotion. Ok, I can put up with politics as usual for a couple of months, but when county employees are told they will loose their jobs if the charter passes and when senior citizens are told that their social center stands to loose big dollars if the charter passes, I get “Mad as !*##“!

The opposition of special interest groups is not being honest. If a person says a lie enough times, they will soon believe it is the truth. THE SKY IS NOT FALLING! The Charter does not expand government spending and it does not threaten Senior Center funding. The charter will not threaten the jobs of our valued county work force. It does change the dynamics of our county commissioners.

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