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Cancel my three subscriptions, Sunset
By Shirley J. Fisher, Siskiyou Daily News Letter to the Editor November 15, 2010
Dear Editor,
This is a copy of a letter that was sent to Sunset Magazine regarding its August publication:

It is with great disappointment and a little sadness that I request you to cancel all my subscriptions to your magazine.
Your magazine used to be all about gardening and recipes and good tips for your readers. You have now decided to go into politics with your support of the environmentalist movements trying to create the Siskiyou Crest Monument, which in your magazine you call the “Ancient Forest National Park.”
The quote that “very little acres are private land” is true, and we, the people who live on these acres, are not hurting the land. We have lived here 150 years, farmed, logged, grazed cattle, cut wood to warm our homes, raised our families – and surprise! The land is still here and as pristine as our forefathers left it. This is not wild land, nor is it being harmed by we who live here. The lightning fires are the only harmful element and thanks to the Forest Service, they are fought and put out – with help of the people who live here.
We also plant trees. This land is the people’s land; it belongs to all of us, not just to a few special interest groups like your magazine totes in order to run us, we the people, off our God-given right to live in this area. These Siskiyou mountains are our homes. They have been for generations. And do not think we will be able to live as we have when this area is declared a monument!
We will be restricted in our roads, wood-cutting, water rights, etc., and this is what you people are wanting: to make a monument to yourselves and have no regard to us who live here. These Siskiyous are already a monument, to ourselves and those who came before us. It does not need a designation as such. This is the West. This is our home. We take care of it. Always have. We are so tired and disgusted with the environmentalists trying to defeat our way of life. You have not a clue what it is to live as we do ... with respect for our land ... you just visit here and then decide to change it. The sad part is you have the finances from people who only get one side of this travesty.
The environmental movement is taking away our freedom every day and you, the magazine, are helping the businesses listed by KS Wild: We now know who you are, too.
Cancel my three subscriptions.
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