Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

  Photos 2001  ....  Also see Grapics submitted

Nell Kuonen, owner of Tingley Lake refuge, former Klamath County Commissioner,
speaks of our Klamath Basin ecosystem devastation in 2001.



Tingley Lake 2001, by Anders Tomlinson


Tingley Lake, snowgeese, April 1, 2004,
Jacqui Krizo  photo

See NASA Satellite photos of Basin .. for June of 2000, and June 2001

Meeting with Walden announcing NAS report   Monday, 2/4    See Photos from meeting  

Got Water? Community Water Forum, Jan. 12th   highlights  with photos

James Buchal's photo page, from his recent visit on in January, 2002 .. headgate security 

See Photos and Story  from the Quilting event ( Quilts for the Troops ) Veterans's Day  2001

Photos from Linda link

Photo essay from Norm  link

Photos from the Headgates, September 3rd

More Federal police to guard gates at Klamath Project,   AP,  story link
see our own photo
, by Sue .. , by Sue ..  

A few "Freedom Day" Photos, Day of the convoy arrival    see photos   8/27

Photos of Camp Headgate, running the pipe, and more Photos
Photo Essay  Well done, and thanks... link off site  Photo Essay
Some more photos off site   http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3b56f68c2178.htm 

Photo Story on Tulelake Fairgrounds, no water, and a solution

This year --- last year photos

Drilling is finished on the first well... Photos and Story by Gail Ottoman
See  California Department of Water Resources, drought page with map of well sites

Klamath Memorial Park, not to be irrigated

See New Photos of our Farmland   by Susan Crawford
Klamath Basin Farmland Today
Signs: see the signs put up by farmers along the hiways

New Photos from Shirley Micka
  Antelope and Swather
  Hay Patch
  All 5
  The Nursery
  Visting Bucks

Who's the Sucker Now?

Bucket Brigade Photos 
   Pat Ratliff, 4 Photos
   Cindy Wright: page 1  page 2 

Earlier Rallies, photos by Cindy

Dust Storms in April 
Dirt Blowing Away
, McKoen, 4/30
Wind Erosion Photos,  Near Tulelake
Dust Storms, 2 photos by  Allen Hurlburt,  April 16

Ducklings face uncertain future  Photo by Jerry Haugen 5/5

Just a few of the birds that will suffer ... Honkers

See the "Best Take Action" Award of the Week     Photo, May 1

Photos from Cindy Wright:
   Farmers are nearest to Nature
   Old Photos:
        Hay Stack
        Hay Harvest
        Homesteader Lottery 1946

Photos from Steve and Nancy Kandra:
   Geese in Alfalfa Field
   Antelope in Alfalfa Field

Photos by Corinne Byrne:
    Honkers and John Deere  
    Old Sign  
    Canal Habitat   
    Barley and little girls  

Photos by Allen Hurlburt:
    Homesteader Gathering  

Contributed by Cindy Wright: 
    Life Magazine Story 1947 
    Old Residence 1916  
    Aerial Photos of Tulelake  Merrill  Malin 

Photos by Wendell Schey
    Klamath Lake Shore April 22, 2001

Photos by the web guy:
    Peninsula and Shasta

Headgates Open .. March 29, 2002 



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