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Pages of History: State board okays a dam on Klamath

From the pages of the Del Norte Triplicate, March 1960.

The State Water Rights Board has granted a water rights permit on the Klamath River to the California Oregon Power Company for its proposed Iron Gate Dam.

The move was hailed by local citizens as a boon to the county. The dam will serve for both power and flood control, thus lessening flood danger in the Klamath area. Sportsmen too have cause to celebrate, since terms of the permit require measures for protection of the river wildlife.

Under the permit granted by the water rights board, COPCO will maintain minimum stream flows sufficient to sustain fish life as recommended by the Department of Fish and Game.

The department was instrumental in getting the federal power commission to order the company to build the dam to regulate the stream, which has fluctuated in such a manner as to cause frequent fish kills and endanger human life on the Klamath below the existing COPCO dam.

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