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April 22, 2007, Letter to KBC, Karuk Tribe and environmental groups regarding Klamath dam removal


Something that may be of interest for your Klamath Dam issue is that the impoundment of water by dams in general on planet earth takes places 90% or more in the northern hemisphere.

This creates an imbalance in the earth's spin precession and / or wobble which is measurable by scientists to increase slightly the angular velocity of the planet, though miniscule.

And on the other hand, the el Nino effects which start out in the Southern Hemisphere create an opposite effect, one of  drag, on the reduction of the earth's angular velocity, measurable again by scientists though miniscule.

So is it really a difference ?  We'll see maybe if there are studies into this.

Finally, New Mexico saves every last drop of the Rio Grande as well as other rivers.  There is hardly any water from the US side which makes it to the Rio Grande.

The effect of this is problematic.  The only river water left comes from the Mexican side which is polluted with cow run off and pesticide / fertilizer runoff. This makes the river have very low levels of real water, thereby concentrating the pollution.  This is a danger to both people, plants, and animals.

Also, the reduction of erosion is a very special case that I feel I have been only to realize.  The fact that there is less erosion in rivers downstream from dams, means that there is less fine dust which could seed the skies.  The rain god  becomes infertile so-to-speak. 

It is known in scientific studies that Geochemical Erosion is a chemical reaction that takes up carbon from the air.  Example of this is the Himalayas mountains.  It has been studied that geochemical uptake of carbon in the erosive processes in the Himalayas reduces the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, thereby providing a cooling effect and making the Nepalese I guess have some beaucoup tax credits ;-).

The point of this is dams prevent normal erosion and thereby encourage or create local warming and or global warming.  At the very least it may create unwanted fluctuations in climate locales.

Thank you for your attention.  IF you need a great Vac-Lift to pick up all that concrete let us know.

Best regards,
Troy V. Christensen
Houston Texas
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