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Dam Removal "sham"

Letter by Rex Cozzalio


With 4 generations at the same Klamath location, pre and post Iron Gate, we can say that this forced farce of a cause is primarily based upon incorrect assumptions, self serving extrapolations, and out right lies in the pursuit of resource control and ‘job stability’ through enforcement, creating a self fulfilling economic juggernaut that has and will be detrimental to the very river and environment we love and of which we are a part.  In our empirical experience and historical understanding, the basin project and dams were mainly created for, and overall effectively did improve the water flow and quality of the Klamath, not made it worse.  This sham is a tragedy not only to the thousands of individuals it has already devastated to no apparent identifiable benefit, but to the future of our society.  All of that social and environmental damage being created will no doubt be twisted through public relations praising their enforced decisions, which have no negative personal consequence to them no matter what the cause or result, as a ‘wonderfully cooperative sacrifice’ for ‘the good of the people’, all occurring contrary to the very precepts of our constitution.

Rex Cozzalio
Hornbrook, CA
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