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Pacific Power would get more land
That could be a big motivation for removal

By Caleb Maplesden Pioneer Press May 2, 2007 

SISKIYOU COUNTY - Every inch of land that is under water at Copco Lake is currently owned by PacifiCorp according to Mike Mallory, Siskiyou County Assessor.

"The land underwater is currently zoned for 40 acre parcels," said Mallory.

If the dams were removed, PacifiCorp would add 1,825 acres of riverfront property to the 16,212 acres they already own in the area.

However, this land may be totally unusable for many years according to Mallory.

"The sedimentation is a big issue," said Mallory.

Since you can't build on sediment, most of the land cannot support construction of any kind. The majority of the sediment is small enough to be carried down the river by natural erosion processes according to the California Coastal Conservancy.

"It seems crazy that they think that sedimentation issue would be solved by washing it down the river. It seems like that would just ruin the river down the river," Mallory said.

Copco Lake is the largest private property bordered lake ever to face removal.

"There has never been a dam removal of this magnitude, ever," Mallory told the Pioneer Press.

There are over a thousand properties that would be affected by the removal of the lakes according to Mallory.

Lakefront properties would face the most drastic drop in property value followed by properties with a view of the lake. Properties whose access passes the lake would have the lowest drop in value.

Irongate Lake Estates would probably face a drop in values because of the loss of recreational opportunities provided by the lake.

"If they (the dams) went away, I think there would be lawsuit after lawsuit for the people that live there," Mallory told the Pioneer Press.

"I don't know if they would go after FERC or who they would go after." Mallory said.

The county wants the dams to remain in place according to Mallory.

article provided by Barb Hall, Klamath Bucket Brigade

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