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Water clarification: PacifiCorp

Herald and News 9/5/08

   Art Sasse, spokesman for PacifiCorp, was concerned that paraphrasing of his statement about the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement in Thursday’s Herald and News left out “certain nuances that are important to the company’s current position and actions.”
   Following is Sasse’s statement in its entirety as emailed to the Herald and News:
   “As you know, we’ve been quite consistent in applauding the enormous amount of time and effort that went into pulling traditionally opposing groups together. However, we’ve also pointed out that the KBRA is a post dam removal agreement. It assumes that PacifiCorp has ceased to operate the Klamath Hydroelectric Project — and if that becomes reality, we would no longer have any influence or business interest in the outcome of the KBRA.
   While we realize what happens at the settlement table will determine if the KBRA can be implemented — we’ve been quite consistent about the distinction between settlement talks and the KBRA.
   Our company continues to work with parties to develop an acceptable settlement on the Klamath project. While we prefer the settlement route, we are also obligated to continue to pursue relicensing for these facilities. Due to the numerous and varied interests involved in this matter, our company is in a position where all possible settlement options must be considered. No single resolution will satisfy all stakeholders engaged in this matter, but we continue to strive to protect our customers and provide them with reliable power at reasonable rates.
   And as you know, we have been quite clear during the past four years that we’ve been involved in relicensing in stating that if elected officials feel that as a matter of public policy, and after careful consideration of independent scientific evidence, that PacifiCorp should no longer operate the Klamath hydroelectric project, then as long as our customers are protected in terms of costs and liability, Pacifi-Corp would work with those elected officials to facilitate their desired outcome for the Klamath basin community.
   We remain at the table with Oregon, California and Federal officials, working toward a possible resolution. Those talks have been productive and we continue to meet.
   A long the way we’ve br iefe d nu mer ou s a nd various parties within the KBRA about the status of those talks.
   We will continue to try and find a balanced and reasonable approach for all our Klamath Basin customers varied and complex interests.”
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