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Switzer’s background says vote for Reschke

Letter to editor of Herald and News by David Warren, Klamath Falls 10/12/16

I plan on voting for Werner Reschke for State Representative District 56. A quick look back at Mr. Switzer’s history as a county commissioner is very telling.

He promoted and approved spending $75,000 for a brand new roof for the County Road Shop building on Washburn Way. He then spearheaded the construction of a brand new road shop building, spending an additional $20 million of county tax dollars. When “completed”, portions of the facility did not even work.

Many citizens said no to the entire new facility project, especially after putting a very expensive new roof on the existing structure with a 20-year warranty.

Mr. Switzer also signed on to the Klamath dam removal agreement and the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement. To add insult to injury, a month before leaving office, he signed on to amendments to these two agreements, which allowed the agreements to keep moving forward. This was done fully knowing that the voters did not want him to say yes to these controversial agreements.

Do we really want someone representing us in Salem that has a continued history of ignoring the very citizens he now wants to represent? I think not! We have enough politicians who ignore the citizens.

If you think Mr. Switzer has learned his lesson, and is now going to listen to the citizens, guess again. The vast majority of his campaign money is coming from the dam removal and KBRA supporters. A candidate may try to ignore history, but he cannot change history.

For me, I will vote for Werner Reschke, a successful local businessman, who understands how tax-and-spend politicians will ruin rural Oregon. Werner is a true conservative, with a proven history of success, who will work for what is best for all of us, not just special interests.

David Warren

Klamath Falls



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