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by Richard Marshall, Siskiyou County Water Users Assoc. 1/10/18

* KRRC hires community liaison on dam removal, (KBC NOTE: however they presently won't tell us who that is) H&N 1/9/18.
KRRC / Klamath River Renewal Corporation (Dam Destruction Group) Page

Interesting that community liaison must be kept secret.  Sounds like the past we are used to  i.e. secret meetings!!!  The reason Branson made the statement that we are all asking the wrong questions is because it doesn’t fit the narrative that KRRC are dishing out to the FERC. PacifiCorp and KRRC are trying to convince the FERC that they shouldn’t look beyond the transfer of the license to KRRC.  They don’t want the FERC to do a EIR EIS on the “project” which includes the removal of the dams.  This is intentional on their part to misdirect the FERC on the real issue here which is dam removal.  KRRC are not in a position  to operate the dams.  Remember they have only one employee, the highly paid Mark Branson.  Now he is indicating that they may have two but the additional person is a secret.  Who are they kidding???  Obviously they are not in the business of operating the dams and their paid contractor Aecon, now a Chinese owned company, are only there to remove the dams.

WE MUST NOT ALLOW KRRC TO PULL THE WOOL OVER THE FERC’S EYES.  PACIFICORP IS SHOWING WHAT AN IRRESPONSIBLE CORPORATION CAN DO!!!  They want to remove themselves from the potential liability of a dam removal project gone wrong.  We all know this is not about the fish.  Removing the dams will not improve  the Salmon population but it will for some period of time reduce the Salmon population and many other species of aquatic life in the river for an unknown period of time!!!  Any Salmon that are in the river after that will be of necessity “planted Salmon” not “natural”.  The potential damage to the River and its environs will register in the billions of dollars and KRRC is not prepared  to handle it.   The State of California and the State of Oregon are not prepared to “fix and insure “ the problem.  Ultimately the ratepayers as taxpayers and residents of the counties impacted by the dam removal will end up bearing the costs of this ill- conceived project.  The Native Americans who believe that this will somehow result in more Salmon, are being deceived by the environmentalists, who have a different objective.  Our Native Americans need to examine their ancient history and recognize the facts.  The Salmon never traveled into the upper basin area because of the warm shallow waters, the high acidity of the water and the natural barrier reefs.  The only Salmon that got there were transported through trading by the native tribes in the lower Klamath.

The  tragedy is that the tens of millions of dollars and thousands of hours being spent on this ill-conceived “politically based” project could have been better used improving the “redds” and streams below the dams and trying to repair the incredible damage done by the 1964 flood to the river systems, improving ocean conditions and improving the lives of Native Americans and insuring the supply of water into the basins by proper forestry techniques.


Richard Marshall

Siskiyou County Water Users Assoc.



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