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Upcoming election most important yet

Herald and News letter to the editor by Tom Mallams, Beatty 2/17/12

The future of Klamath County is in the hands of the voters. I believe the election of 2012 to be the single most critical election for our generation. Never before has our nation set at such a crucial crossroads. We have before us the opportunity to make the needed improvements in our government, both locally and nationally. A good friend, Sally MacLeod, president of the Oregon Federation of Republican Women, made this statement: “We either take back America or we continue to risk the future of our children and grandchildren.” We must be actively engaged in restoring America to what our Founding Fathers created and as individual citizens, we have to do our part locally to keep it the greatest nation on Earth by voting for conservative candidates and issues. We must require accountability of all our elected and appointed officials. Our local citizens have continually been ignored far too long. The days of silent approval are over!

Some will claim that we have to change with the times. Change is not always for the better. Big government has to revert back to the vision of our Founding Fathers, which has always been “Government by the people, for the people.” The Constitution and Declaration of Independence put limits on government, which has to be restored and enforced by the people.

Even at the county level, government has to be scaled back so the citizens can take charge of their future. Continued growth of government has to be curtailed. Big government has to get out of the way of economic growth and individual prosperity. The future generations of Klamath County can look forward to more prosperous times if we do our part in taking back Klamath County!

Tom Mallams





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