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Next time you eat, think of the farmer
Letter to editor by Adena Huhmann, Herald and News 7/7/13.

I would like to propose a new species to the endangered list: the American family farmer/rancher. And I wonder what everybody had for dinner last night? If you enjoyed dinner, or even if you didnít enjoy it but had something to eat ó thank a farmer. There are a few who would be thanking themselves, as they are farmers and grow what they eat. However, most of you donít. And if you think a pound of hamburger is expensive now, just wait a few years after all the ranchers have shipped off their cattle and reduced their herds because they canít feed them, forcing some of the ranchers out of business. The herds of heifers going to be ďharvestedĒ (kind of a stupid term but politically   correct I guess) will in a few years result in a shortage of cattle to supply beef. Cattle canít just be put in a warehouse until next year. Like you, they have to eat as well as drink water; and they kind of like to do that at least once a day. That means either pasture, for those lucky enough to have it, but probably have to irrigate it in this climate, or hay, which also has to be irrigated. So for all of you who donít grow what you eat, this whole water thing affects you, in case you just donít get that.




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