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In Upper Klamath Basin, irrigation water shut-off begins for some ranchers

The Associated PressBy The Associated Press 
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on June 12, 2013 at 3:05 PM, updated June 12, 2013 at 6:20 PM
KlamathIrrigation.jpgView full sizeSome irrigators in the Upper Klamath Basin are getting word that their water supply is getting cut off today.

Watermasters are starting to tell ranchers in the drought-stricken upper Klamath Basin they have to shut off their irrigation to satisfy the needs of the Klamath Tribes and a federal irrigation project.

Douglas Woodcock of the Oregon Water Resources Department said Wednesday that watermasters have completed verification of the need to start shutting off some irrigators, and were beginning to notify ranchers along the Sprague River and its tributaries.

He says it is not yet clear whether all the irrigators drawing from the Sprague have to be shut off. It will take the next week and a half to make all the notifications.

The tribes and the federal government called for enforcement of newly recognized water rights to protect fish, other irrigators and wildlife refuges.

-- The Associated Press

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Hyatt Lake is managed by the Pacific Northwest region of Reclamation, while the Klamath Project is in Reclamation's Mid-Pacific region. But we do believe the water issues of Oregon, are just that. Dave Lewis was murdered & burned near Hyatt Lake, after a verbal-altercation with the resort developers on the lake. They were illegally installing cabins, and calling them RVs (to loophole the law). Hearings Officer ruled against the developers. Now- the Bureau of Reclamation, is working to help the developers by a land-swap, turned land-sale, of the 3.6 acres. 
The waters of Hyatt lake, native artifacts, wild life, and preservation needs to happen. 19 of 26 cabins (with hot tubs, dish washers & propane tanks) are going to pull thousands of gallons of water, every week. Preserve & protect Hyatt lake. What's happening in Klamath is a symptom of the rest of the state. A flight over Oregon today, showed the dry-dry-dry.
sauer - expect that kind of inverted logic when living in a politically correct upside down world from O-man and doswheels.  
Doesn't this all have to do with protecting a sucker fish/minnow with a small effect on the aquatic food chain living downstream receiving top priority after being covered by ESA ? Economic impacts don't matter as much insignificant sucker fish. It would be interesting to know how much water the tribes need for their own well being (excluding the sucker fish).
If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times by now: cows don't belong in the desert. 
Hitting your head against the wall makes about as much sense.
This is Western Water Law as legally enacted. 
A bunch of ranchers who have been ignoring it in some cases for decades have now learned that their water right is junior to the tribes. They've never had to live with that before, and now they do. 
Yes -- they will be unhappy. Let us devoutly hope that in their rage they don't do anything egregiously Stupid. 
But I wouldn't necessarily count on that.
Leave it to a Porkland yuppy to explain how it is to people who have lived on the land there for generations.
And who, but for extensive government subsidies, wouldn't be able to engage in the agricultural practices that they do.
It's not mid June yet, this isn't a good sign.
Ain't it a bay-yiiitch when what goes around comes around? 
At least the ranchers don't also have to give up their land rights and culture rights and hunting rights and human rights, and it's only SOME of their water rights that they have to GIVE BACK.
Because of course the current generation of farmers shot all the indians and are currently making you live on a reservation, right? And I assume when the US Marshals are called out to protect the head gates again you'll be there as a buffer between them and the mad ranchers, right?
You're making up things I didn't say, because you have no better argument. Your simple position is that there should be no compromise. So you lose. Your choice. So spare us the excuses and spare us the blame of whatever group or belief you THINK I'm part of. 
Sorry you have to share the planet with others. Life just isn't fair.
A very pathetic post and/or point of view, sauer.




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