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Klamath Basin Water Adjudication Hearings Online

posted to KBC 4/8/04.  Thank you Klamath Bucket Brigade for the information.

In an attempt to make the Klamath Basin Water Adjudication Hearings open to the public, the State of Oregon has set up cameras in Hearing Room D, Salem, Oregon for interested parties to access through the Internet.

The audio and visual is available by RealPlayer at: 

Next week, members of the Klamath Project's Klamath Irrigation District will be testifying and cross examined by attorney's for other water right claim parties.

Bill Kennedy will be cross examined on Wednesday, April 14th and Dave Solem on Thursday, April 15th.  No set time has been announced for their testimony. 

The Oregon Water Resource Department has a calendar of the Adjudication hearing schedule on their website.  http://www.wrd.state.or.us/files/Publications/klamath-adj/klamath_calendar/klamath_calendar.htm




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