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Archive 145 - June 2014
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"Watch over the legitimacy, and the truthfulness, of what we call science," by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 6/23/14.
* "Upper Klamath Lake TMDL is based on the false assumption that development of the Upper Basin by European man has resulted in significant increases in the phosphorous concentration that helps to cause poor water quality in Upper Klamath Lake.
* We are asked to assume that the alleged decline of the endangered suckers is the result of declining water quality
* We are asked to assume that Coho Salmon are threatened in the Klamath River due to water storage for the Klamath Project
* We are asked to assume that the Northern Spotted Owl is endangered due to man-caused loss of habitat
* We are being asked to assume that the declining numbers of sage grouse are the result of loss of habitat due to cattle grazing.
* we are being asked to cooperate with the regulation of groundwater by the Oregon Water Resources Department based on a regional computer model that can only be described as fraudulent"


Letter from disillusioned Upper Klamath Water Users Association leader and KBRA/KHSA proponent regarding PacifiCorp and KBRA, 7/1/14. "I do not believe PC has bargained in good faith as implied in the KHSA. We have been working on the federal power delivery concept (Interconnect Study) for more then 4 years. We have spent 1000's of man hours and 100k"s of tax payer dollars to get to where we are today. The conclusion of 3/4 to 1 cent benefit which in the words of the consultant "is in the margin of error" is a poor result for all the work...."

PacifiCorp responds to KWAPA/Klamath Water and Power questions regarding KBRA-promised power rates, transitioning to federal power, consequences if people leave PacifiCorp,  6/26/14. "...Responses to specific KWAPA questions: 1. What is the cost for an irrigator to leave PAC energy? Answer: PacifiCorp does not intend to propose an exit fee for an irrigator to leave PAC energy.  However, the OPUC and other customers will be concerned about shifting costs to other Oregon customers as a result of irrigators moving to federal power.  As discussed above, the OPUC may impose a transition charge on irrigator loads switching to federal power.  This transition charge could be as high as 6-8 cents/kwh...."

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Legislative Review 6/27/14. Proposed bills: unlimited tax increases, renewable resources, GM labels, private property tree harvest regulations, funds to clean up illegal pot farm pollution, billions$ for climate change, river "protection," & "sustainable...", groundwater management, minimum wages, paid sick leave mandates...

CA added just 5 dams Since 1959, CALWATCH.COM, POSTED TO kbc 6/27/14

Isaiah 30:27-29:  "Why do you say, O Jacob, and speak, O Israel; My way is hidden from the Lord, and my just claim is passed over by God. Have you not known?  Have you not heard?  The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength." Sent by Frank Tallerico 6/22/14

On Project Plan meetings June 24 and 25th, Comments Due. Project irrigators seek input on water usage plan; Creators of the plan hope it will move irrigators away from inconsistent water deliveries, H&N, posted to KBC 6/23/14. "The 2010 KBRA settlement and the related Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement seek to establish reliable water supplies and affordable power rates for irrigators, restore fish habitat, help the Klamath Tribes acquire the 92,000-acre Mazama Tree Farm and remove four dams on the Klamath River"

Water is a precious resource in the Basin, H&N letter to editor by Harvey Houston, Klamath Falls, posted to KBC 6/19/14. "In Southern California, the river waters were so low, they had to build dams to keep out the ocean water. Officials are thinking of building more dams on the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. Our Oregon officials want to remove the dams on the Klamath River."

Water shutoffs effects felt on (Klamath) area’s farms and ranches; cattle, hay come at steep premium, H&N, posted to KBC 6/20/14. "Crume said he might have enough water to get by until his first cutting of hay, but if the water to his field is shutoff, it’s likely his remaining 75 cows will have to go."

Council mulls options for drought response; possible well shutoff draws varied reactions, H&N, posted to KBC 6/20/14. " Kyle Gorman, the OWRD  South Central Region manager, said the two city wells and 10 private wells that received shutoff notices were deemed to have “timely and effective” impacts on surface water."

- 300 acres added in Klamath County;
Comments sought on land for endangered amphibian, H&N, posted to KBC 6/20/14. "...
officials may designate 68,500 acres and 24 stream miles throughout Washington and Oregon as critical habitat for the disappearing amphibian. The proposed critical habitat 30-day public comment period opens today and closes July 18."


Hearing What We Want to Hear, by Jim Beers, posted to KBC 6/20/14. Beers comments on Herald and News report by Lacey Jarrell regarding his wolf presentation in Dorris, Calif. Jarrell's article was "Worries about wolves; Wolf opponents list multiple reasons against reintroduction"   Beers is a retired wildlife biologist and refuge manager, government whistleblower, and wolf expert.

1 Peter 1:22-23 "Since you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit in sincere love of the brethren, love one another fervently with a pure heart, (and) having been born again, not of corruptible seed, but uncorruptible, through the word of God which lives and abides forever.." sent from Frank Tallerico 6/15/14.

Well shutdowns: Impacts too early to tell. Two municipal, 10 privately owned wells ordered to limit or curtail use, H&N 6/14/14. "(Klamath Falls City Manager) Cherpeski acknowledged that city and county officials need to begin developing policies to mitigate impacts of water shortages. 'It’s more about the future of the Basin. We should think about the community and reducing water simply because we live in the desert,' he said."
KBC CORRECTION on above H&N article: Klamath Basin was a lake up to 30' deep before we diverted much of our water INTO the Klamath River, and INTO a meadow east of Tule Lake to evaporate so WWI and WWII war veterans could grow food for a hungry nation. Does Klamath Falls city manager not know the history of our basin he calls a "desert" ?

City of Klamath told to shut off wells. Tribes, Project make call on water; Sky Lakes, OIT may be affected, H&N 6/13/14. "A comment period is open for a grant to evaluate Crater Lake National Park’s options to mitigate potential water shutoffs and keep the park open during extreme drought...Written comments can be submitted until 5 p.m., June 27"

Water shutoffs begin in the Basin; Klamath Tribes expected to make its ‘call’ this week, H&N 6/10/14

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