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Tule Lake Committee seeks injunction to stop airport sale, H&N 8/23/18. KBC NOTE: The H&N editor again did not collect comments from the agricultural community, which consists primarily of WWI and WWII veteran homesteaders and their families who are dependant on the Tulelake Airport for crop needs, emergency services, and the many services of an airport. It services a 200x200 mile area (40,000 square miles). The activist Tule Lake Committee has continuously sued our town, county and Macy's Flying Service for many years petitioning against an airport security fence to save lives of pilots and passengers. Their stated goal is to acquire our airport, along with the 1400 acres already acquired to tell their story of being relocated here for 4 years after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The city chose to sell the Tulelake Airport to the Modoc Tribe from Oklahoma because the tribe committed to keeping our airport as a functioning airport to service our communities. For more on the legal attacks on our community by this group for several years, and their ties with CAIR, go here:  Japanese vs Tulelake controversy

TuleLake Committee 1st amended complaint for Injunction: TLC vs Tulelake and Modoc Tribe from Oklahoma 8/22/18.
TuleLake Committee Injunction, TLC vs City of Tulelake and Modoc Tribe from Oklahoma 8/21/18

Mikkelson continues (Klamath) water talks; details vague, H&N 8/21/18. “We believe that it will be a process that will be open and will lead to public discussion and involvement across the board,” ...Mikkelsen was vague on the details of an agreement in process but said he could say more on his next visit."

"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.," Hebrews 3:13

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Legislative Review 8/17/17. Proposed bills: replacement of diesel agricultural vehicles and equipment; industrial, agricultural and large commercial sector energy efficiency programs, sellers of electricity to procure a minimum of 60% of their electricity products from eligible renewable generation resources by 2030, forestry, hemp, Farm Bureau opposed land use bill, waste hauling, wildfire preparedness and response,  WILDLIFE: "...if AB 2528 were to pass the state would require additional protects for salmonids in the areas of the state the bill designates as strongholds..."
CFBF Friday Legislative Review 8/10/18.

OFS Oregonians For Food and Shelter legislative update e-newsletter 8/17/18. Suspected carcinogen lawsuits, WOTUS is back, Ryan Zinke: 'Environmental Terrorist Groups' Play Role in Western U.S. Wildfires, forest management, politics.

KID's manager, office specialist on administrative leave, H&N 8/16/18.

Water case moves to Portland, H&N 8/15/18. "A Klamath County court case that could affect both endangered Lost River and shortnose sucker and the outcome of the irrigation season in the Klamath Basin has been moved from San Francisco to Portland...in the case brought by Klamath Tribes..."
Judge transfers Tribes' lawsuit to Oregon court, denies injunction, H&N 7/26/28.

Klamath Project Drought Response Agency hires help, Forms committee to negotiate with BOR, H&N 8/15/18. "A group tasked with facilitating the disbursement of $10.3 million in drought relief funds..."

Renowned wolf OR-7's a father again, Mail Tribune 8/14/18. OR-7 was "the first wolf in western Oregon since 1937..." According to OPB, there are at least 124 wolves in Oregon and 12 packs, and growing: https://www.opb.org/news/article/oregon-wolf-population-2018-count

DOI Secretary Ryan Zinke: ‘Environmental Terrorist Groups’ Play Role in Western U.S. Wildfires, Breitbart 8/13/18. Excellent Audio of interview with Zinke in the Breitbart link. Follow above link regarding ESA, forest management, ... “We have been held hostage by these environmental terrorist groups that have not allowed public access — that have refused to allow [the] harvest of timber,” Zinke told Washington Deputy Political Editor Amanda House on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM Patriot 125. This includes as many as 80 million acres of land filled with trees that have died from beetle infections or other causes..."

Judge urges state to act on Upper Klamath Lake water distribution, H&N 8/8/18. "...judge...ruled in favor of the Klamath Irrigation District...by urging the Oregon Water Resources Department to make a determination on the distribution of water in Upper Klamath Lake..."

Klamath County Commissioners float concept of new gauge in Wood River, H&N 8/8/18. "...The goal here is to make sure that we have captured all the water in the river so that we have accurate data for all the stakeholders..."

(Klamath) County approves wolf depredation funds, H&N 8/8/18

Finch and Fires, by Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum 8/8/18. On wildfires and dam destruction

Walden talks poor air quality, extreme wildfire season during latest visit, H&N 8/3/18.

Tulelake Irrigation District notice of election to file for board of directors, deadline Aug 10.

Upper Klamath Basin cattle revenues dip 50 percent, H&N 8/2/18. "Several Upper Basin irrigators shared concerns with Klamath County Commissioners on Wednesday about the approximate 50 percent loss in cattle revenue in the region, a dive that irrigators link to a call on water by the Klamath Tribes, validated by Oregon Water Resources Department...Some of the concerns shared by irrigators include no stock water delivery for Modoc Point irrigators...“Historically Modoc Point has never been cut off (from) water...”

Blake FollisTulelake council approves airport land sale to Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma, H&N, 8/2/18.
< Oklahoma Tribe attorney Blake Follis
"...(Modoc) county commissioners offered to buy the land for the same price the Tribe offered, $17,500..."
"Of course we're disappointed," said Barbara Takei, representing the Tule Lake Committee, a group that includes Japanese Americans who were held in the Tule Lake Segregation Center during World War II, of the council decision. "We're exploring our options." "The Tule Lake Committee has sued the City of Tulelake and Modoc County over plans to build a fence around the airport."
The TuleLake Committee also offered to buy the airport.

KBC News August 2018: We recently came across an October Herald and News article by editor Lee Juillerat quoting activist Barbara Takai of the TuleLake Committee. 10/3/17. She claims our KBC News website demonizes Muslims and the Muslim American civil rights group CAIR as 'terrorists', citing our "racism" "hysteria" "failed political leadership" "lies" and "fake news."
We farmers and ranchers at KBC News were not asked for a response or input in this slanderous Herald and News article against our community.
* We did NOT make up the links of news articles stating CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations, is listed as a terrorist group in United Arab Emirates: Is CAIR a Terror Group?  National Review
*CAIR asks judge to hide Hamas ties in trial; Lawsuit against investigators could backfire on 'Muslim Mafia', WND 7/18/18
*John Kerry tried to remove CAIR from terror list, WND 1/23/17 http://www.wnd.com/2017/01/john-kerry-tried-to-remove-cair-from-terror-list/?cat_orig=faith
*Who's Who in Japanese-American Tule Lake committee and documentation of their partnership and ties to CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations  a collection of LINKS

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