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Archive 207 - August 2019
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han-20190827-vowell 1.jpg< Klamath's Vowell brothers to join Buckaroo Hall of Fame, H&N 8/27/19.

The Good, Bad, Ugly - 2019 Oregon Legislative Session Summary by Oregon State Representative E. Werner Reschke 8/20/19. "The Democrat super majority legislature raised taxes on Oregonian’s nearly $5 billion...the Senate Republican walked out not once, but twice, halting the Senate process in order to prevent anti-constitutional gun, medical and environmentally extreme Cap & Trade bills from passing...Most policy was Portland-centric and top-down and will be devastating to rural Oregonians."

Letter to FERC from Siskiyou County Water Users responding to Filing by KRRC 8/18/19.

Rules will change implementation of federal ESA, California Farm Bureau Federation Ag Alert 8/14/19

Inconvenient Truths: A little common sense on Klamath dam removal would go a long way, Range Magazine Fall 2019 Issue, by Theodora Johnson, posted to KBC 8/21/19. "There's a heap of evidence that flies in the face of the dam-removal activists' claims--evidence that shows dam removal could be epically catastrophic for all wildlife and people on the Klamath."

Groups sue over Klamath River water: KRRC's dam removal efforts continue, OPB 8/8/19.

***Klamath dams critical to fighting wildfires, KRRC's fire management plan inadequate, by The SISKIYOU COUNTY NATURAL RESOURCES DEPARTMENT, H&N guest opinion Aug 4, 2019. "When homes and lives are at stake in a wildfire, nothing is more important than having firebreaks and a readily available water source. That’s exactly what’s provided by the reservoirs created by dams on the Klamath River... Last year, the infamous Klamathon fire, which burned over 38,000 acres over 16 days, was finally stopped by firefighters — thanks to the use of Iron Gate reservoir....Firefighting aircraft drafted 225,000 gallons of water per day. Most of it came from Iron Gate reservoir. At the peak of the fight, seventeen helicopters were engaged nonstop, sometimes dropping water as quickly as every six minutes....with the reservoirs gone, risk to firefighters’ lives will skyrocket. Not only will fires take longer to put out — which means fires will burn hotter and longer — but aircraft pilots will be forced to attempt to draw water from the river itself.... 2006, two firefighters lost their lives attempting to extract water from the river."

Facilitator Mikkelsen to aid Interior on Klamath water talks, H&N 8/4/19. "Alan Mikkelsen, senior advisor to the Secretary of the Interior on water and western resource issues, said Friday he is continuing to take part in the so-called “Coalition of the Willing” meetings in addition to the facilitator...The coalition meetings are closed to the public and the media and are being held in Medford or Redding..." KBC NOTE: after the community's outrage over secret Klamath water settlement negotiations excluding public input or knowledge, our farm leaders and Interior assured us that there would be transparency in any future talks. Only allowed at the negotiation table were groups agreeing with destroying the Klamath hydroelectric dams.

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