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Supreme Court scales back scope of groundwater pollution ruling, Capital Press 4/29/2020.

Project irrigators protest Reclamation's unlawful use of water, H&N 4/28/2020. "An interim order put in place by Oregon Water Resources Department on April 21 gave the state agency charge over the water distribution and demanded that Reclamation not use water from Upper Klamath Lake, including in a flushing flow down the Link River Dam, unless it follows specific guidelines outlined in the order. The order has not stopped the recent 40,000 acre foot flushing flow... The federal government’s stealing from us.”

Response to massive flows diverted out of Klamath Project irrigation water storage by Klamath River resident Rex Cozzalio, Hornbrook 4/26/2020 "...For them to continue water wasting against court orders is revealingly ironic, when BOR, OWR, and 'collaborators' are all too happy to comply when court orders are AGAINST the Upper Basin irrigators.  I truly hope this can intervene soon enough to avert total Upper Basin carnage this year..."

Klamath Project operations unchanged by OWRD ruling, H&N 4/26/2020. KBC Note: The article reads: "The order urges the Bureau of Reclamation to stop releasing stored water from Upper Klamath Lake..."  The court order reads: "The BOR is hereby ordered to cease releasing stored water from UKL reservoir..." They continue to divert our stored water out of Upper Klamath Lake.

Reopening Oregon, by Representative E. Werner Reschke, H&N Guest Commentary 4/26/2020. "...I continue to advocate for reopening our state sooner, rather than later, in a safe and responsible way. One size does not fit all. That’s why I recommend reopening Oregon regionally, based on objective criteria within a particular community..."

Klamath water allocation short of demand for farmers, ranchers, Capital Press 4/24/2020. "The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation will provide approximately 140,000 acre-feet of water to farms and ranches from Upper Klamath Lake in 2020...only one-third of historical demand for the Klamath Project...The plan, finalized Wednesday, comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed by the Yurok Tribe, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations and the Institute for Fisheries Resources against the bureau, seeking an additional 50,000 acre-feet of water for salmon..."

April's EXTREME "pulse flows", 6000cfs, dewatering Klamath irrigators' stored water 4/23/2020 from rancher Rex Cozzalio, Hornbrook, CA on the Klamath River. The 3 photos of flooding are Iron Gate flow wasted over the spillway, Hornbrook on the Klamath River, and Klamathon Bridge near Hornbrook.

On our Klamath Basin Crisis Facebook Page, a question was asked "Why are the Yurok stating they did not receive the 40,000af flushing flows per the Herald and News ? "
Klamath Irrigation District manager Gene Souze responded,
"the 40,000 is an additional augmentation to 400,000 environmental water agreed to by Reclamation to stay a 50,000 litigation for more in this drought year. To date they have received nearly 250,000 + 7000 + 8000...and should have well over 422,500 by the end of September. For them to complain about not getting water..."





American Farm Bureau urges Supreme Court to hear Klamath water case, CFBF AgAlert 4/22/2020. "Under the rule announced by the (appeals court), farmers and ranchers in the arid West operate under the constant threat that federal bureaucrats will unilaterally override their water rights in service of federal interests once more, just as they did in 2001," the brief said, adding that "the stakes for farmers and ranchers thus could not be higher."

Psalm 46:1 - "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble"

OWRD takes charge of Upper Klamath Lake, H&N 4/24/2020. "The (court) order said it prohibits U.S. Bureau of Reclamation from diverting stored water in Upper Klamath Lake through Link River for purposes of a 50,000 acre-feet flushing flow without a water right."  KBC NOTE: Rumor has it that the Bureau is defying the court order and continues to divert our stored water into the ocean.

TID, KID anticipate significant Klamath water supply shortfall, H&N 4/24/2020. "...We fear being able to start and then getting shut down for the rest of the season, like mid-season...”

Pacific Power proposes 10% rate increase for irrigation customers, Capital Press 4/24/2020. "One of Oregon’s largest electric utilities is seeking a 10% rate increase for irrigation customers in part to help pay for more renewable energy and transmission upgrades."
KBC NOTE: * PacifiCorp owns four green, clean, renewable-energy Klamath River hydroelectric dams servicing 70,000 households
* When the Klamath Project was built, it allowed Pacific Power to have cheap regulated water for power in exchange for affordable rates to irrigators who paid for the Klamath Project.
* With lawsuits from Tribes and environmental groups, Pacific Power raised rates more than 2000% to Klamath Irrigators
* Soon thereafter, Tribes and the environmental groups "assured" irrigators they would agree to affordable power rates if Irrigators would support destroying the Klamath River dams, among other things in an "agreement"
*  Pacific Power began charging Klamath Basin farmers, ranchers and residents on their monthly bills for the Power Company to destroy our clean green renewable-energy dams.
* The citizens of Siskiyou and Klamath Counties have voted overwhelmingly against destroying our hydro dams

OWRD/Oregon Water Resource Dept: Interim Order Concerning Release of Stored Water, 4/23/2020. "The Department confirms that as of April 16, 2020, it has taken exclusive charge of the UKL for the purpose of dividing and distributing the water therefrom in accordance with the respective and relative rights of the various users of water from the ditch or reservoir..."

Reclamation releases Interim Operating Procedures and 2020 Operations Plan for the Klamath Project, Bureau of Reclamation News Release 4/22/2020. "the Project supply from Upper Klamath Lake for the 2020 irrigation season is approximately 140,000 acre-feet. This volume is approximately one-third the historical irrigation demand of the Klamath Project...The 2020 Operations Plan ... provides increased water flows in the Klamath River for Endangered Species Act-listed coho, as well as Chinook salmon, and maintains Upper Klamath Lake elevations important for endangered Lost River and shortnose suckers..." KBC NOTE: Rec concludes "...Finding of No Significant Impact related to the Interim Operating Procedures..." however the plan states that "...involuntary land fallowing of productive irrigable land within the Proposed Action Alternative area would occur leading to an increased risk to local rural agricultural communities.” OUR "risk" of them putting our stored water into the ocean: No water, no farms.

Matthew 5:6 - “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

Environmentalists and farmers lose lawsuits over Klamath refuges, Capital Press 4/22/2020. "The agricultural plaintiffs argued these burdens would threaten the viability of farming and interfere with a federal law governing leases of refuge lands."
WISH LIST FOR SUCKERS NAILS FARMS, February 11, 1992. KBC NOTE: The FWS Wish List for Upper Klamath and also Tulelake Refuges is finally coming true. "
“Marshall Staunton, president of the Tulelake Growers Association, said the proposal ignores the impact on farmers in the Basin. He said he felt betrayed by the wildlife service. “We thought we were shooting for a win-win situation...I think it shows tremendous bad faith when we’re supposed to be working together.” 

!!! Bureau of Reclamation NEWS RELEASE: Reclamation to implement Klamath River flushing flow for salmon health 4/21/2020. "Increased flows to begin April 22 and continue through May 1; public urged to take safety precautions on or near the river while flows are high...flows below Iron Gate Dam will increase from approximately 1,325 cubic feet per second up to 6,000 cfs. Increased releases out of Upper Klamath Lake will occur simultaneously..." KBC NOTE: The Klamath Project is projected to receive less than 50% of their deeded water this season. With this huge increased taking of Project water, the Bureau of Reclamation's draft Project operation plan, (https://www.usbr.gov/mp/nepa/nepa_project_details.php?Project_ID=42926) states: “During the three-year period of the Proposed Action Alternative, the cumulative impacts (to help fish) are likely to be minor, as sucker recovery, coho enhancement, and changes to the biological resources would require a much longer time frame to be implemented and their effects are speculative beyond the period of analysis.” However they operation plan promises, "...involuntary land fallowing of productive irrigable land within the Proposed Action Alternative area would occur leading to an increased risk to local rural agricultural communities.” After the three years they will inform us of their NEW plan after they destroy the Klamath River Hydroelectric Dams and downsize agriculture in the Klamath Project.


The Population Living In Acute Hunger May Double This Year Due To Coronavirus April 21, 2020, NPR. KBC NOTE: Should we be downsizing Klamath Basin agriculture more than 50% this year for only "possible" results for fish?

Baley v. United States: Water Users in the Klamath Project Petition the U.S. Supreme Court for Certiorari 4/17/2020, Somach Law firm.

Diverse Crowd of Parties Supports Request for Supreme Court Review in Klamath Water Takings Case, KWUA News Release, 4/19/2020.

The real thing or a wolf in sheep’s clothing? by Tom Mallams H&N 4/17/2020. "I fully support State Senator Cliff Bentz for Congress....Cliff Bentz is not from Portland, is not a flip-flopper... and is not receiving major donations from out of our area...Cliff Bentz has a well known public record of supporting Oregon values such as Right-to-Life, pro Second Amendment and opposing Klamath Dam Removal...Cliff Bentz is endorsed by Congressman Bob Smith, Oregon Cattleman's Association, at least 32 County Commissioners, 17 elected County Sheriffs and many other State Legislatures..."

Federal Government agrees to reevaluate Northern Spotted Owl habitat after Supreme Court ruling, H&N 4/15/2020. "The coalition brought legal action after the Fish and Wildlife Service designated 9.5 million acres of mostly federal lands as NSO critical habitat across Washington, Oregon and Northern California in 2012...The ESA requires the federal government to take “into consideration the economic impact, the impact on national security, and any other relevant impact, of specifying any particular area as critical habitat.”

Oregon has at least 158 wolves, a 15% increase over last year, Annual Wolf Report released, DFW  4/15/2020.

Letter to Bureau of Reclamation on Lower Klamath Project; Klamath River dam removal, by Dr. Richard Gierak 4/14/2020.

Bureau of Reclamation ERROR - TODAY April 2014 by 11:59 pm you must RESUBMIT your public comment letter with a new address on the Klamath Project interim operations because they gave you the wrong email address. First they gave us only 9 days to review their entire plan to downsize irrigated agriculture, then they threw in one more day. Just yesterday, April 13, late afternoon they said they didn’t receive our public input because of their error and only gave us ONE MORE DAY to hopefully see their email and RESUBMIT our comments, in the middle of spring farming!  4/14/2020.
Public Comment by Oregon Rep E Werner Reschke on Klamath Project Operation Plan, submitted 4/10/2020.
Public Comment by Rex Cozzalio on Klamath Project Operation Plan, resubmitted 4/14/2020.
Public Comment on Klamath Project Op Plan, resubmitted by Tulelake Farmer 4/11/2020.

PRESS RELEASE - Congressman LaMalfa: Farmers Need Maximum Water Allocations to Ensure Stable Food Supply Chain, April 9, 2020, followed by LaMalfa's full letter to President Trump. "...I ask that you direct the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of the Interior, and the Secretary of Commerce to waive any restrictions on granting 100% water allocations to farmers and water districts, along with waiving outdated Endangered Species Act requirements..."

Letter from the Siskiyou BOS Attorney NOSSMAN to FERC requesting delay for KRRC / Klamath River Renewal Corporation's Application for Klamath Dam transfer and surrender 4/7/2020

U.S. Democrat Reps letter to FERC requesting immediate transfer to Klamath Hydroelectric dams so they can be destroyed, 4/7/2020. KBC NOTE: This is contrary of the will of the vast majority of the Klamath Basin Residents in Klamath and Siskiyou Counties where the hydro dams are located, and local Oregon Senator Linthicum, Oregon Rep Reschke, and Northern California U.S. Congressman LaMalfa.

The Executive Director of the California State Water Resources Control Board issued a water quality certification for the Lower Klamath Project License Surrender and certified the Final Environmental Impact Report for the Lower Klamath Project License Surrender, posted 4/14/2020

State Water Board Issues Key Documents That Further Efforts to Remove Klamath River Dams 4/7/2020

CA Department Of Fish And Wildlife Commissioner Wants To Close Sportfishing Season Due To COVID-19 4/7/20.

KWUA Announces Projected Klamath Project Irrigation Allocation; Drought Response Agency Expects to Open Programs April 15 4/6/2020. “Bottom line, we’re looking at less than half of the water that’s needed,” said TID Manager Brad Kirby

Farm Bureau: WDFW should let ranchers see where wolves are, Capital Press 4/3/20

PRESS RELEASE - COMMENTS Period extended to APRIL 11! Reclamation seeks public input on proposed Klamath Project interim operations 4/1/2020.  Please send your comments on these massive water acquisitions for whales, salmon, tribes and suckers; this is a temporary mandate to run through the projected Klamath dam removal in 2022-2023. Then they will unveil another plan made in coordination with the Yuroks (that are suing us for more water acquisitions) and other Tribes and government agencies to come up with much more water for whales, salmon and suckers after dam removal and dam reservoir storage is obliterated.

Matthew 5:9 - "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God"

4/4/2020 - KBC NOTE: PCFFA (Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen), IFR and Yurok Tribe sued to take another 50,000 acre feet of Klamath Project stored water to dump into Klamath River. Klamath Water Users settled for giving up 23,000 acre feet of their deeded water. Yuroks celebrate their victory: Yurok Tribe and commercial fishing families secure more water for salmon, The Yurok Tribe, the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (PCFFA), and the Institute for Fisheries Resources (IFR, represented by the nonprofit environmental law firm Earthjustice, have successfully obtained a new three-year plan from the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) for operating the Klamath Irrigation Project to increase springtime flows in the Klamath River.
Here is the story by PCFFA how they created IFR to get funding as a non-profit. Several other NGOs (non-governmental agencies like Klamath Riverkeeper/Karuk Tribe) join in the lawsuits against irrigators, miners, loggers, grazers, and mostly use George Soros-sponsored attorneys like Earthjustice. They sued against Klamath Irrigators in the Takings Case, water quality, our former affordable power rate, costing irrigators millions$. Litigants PCFFA and Yuroks are also instrumental in proposed Klamath dam destruction.
*** PRESS RELEASE - COMMENTS DUE APRIL 10! Reclamation seeks public input on proposed Klamath Project interim operations 4/1/2020. We were given 9 days to respond to a 178 page technical report, which downsizes available water to Klamath Project irrigators.

Agreement Buys Time on New Klamath Project Ops Plan, KWUA 3/30/2020.


KRRC calls dam removal a ‘bright spot,’ by KRRC (Klamath Dam Removal group) in SDN, and comments by SCWUA/Siskiyou County Water Users Association 4/1/2020. "Recently SDN (Siskiyou Daily News) ran an opinion piece penned by Matt Cox on behalf of KRRC extolling the virtues of removing the Klamath Dams as a solution to the (COVID-19) pandemic economic damages being suffered by Siskiyou County."
* Letter to the Editor: Dam removal isn’t a ‘bright spot,’
by Susan Miller, Hornbrook Opinion for Siskiyou Daily News 4/3/2020

Largest US dam removal stirs debate over coveted West water, printed in Intermountain Farm & Ranch 4/3/2020. "The project...would reshape the Klamath River and empty giant reservoirs, and Could revive plummeting salmon populations..The demolition plan is good business for PacifiCorp, which holds the dams’ hydroelectric licenses. ...Under under the demolition plan, $200 million will come from California and Oregon ratepayers, and $250 million will come from a voter-approved California water bond, with no liability for PacifiCorp..." KBC NOTE: Klamath and Siskiyou Counties voted overwhelmingly against destroying the Klamath River hydroelectric dams which provide clean power for more then 70,000 households, reservoirs for storage, wildfire control and controlled mandatory pulses for salmon, flood control, reservoir ecosystems and recreation, support local communities and economies, and agriculture.

Coronavirus Small Business Update, E. Werner Reschke, State Representative for Southern Klamath & Lake Counties, 4/2/2020.

Now is the time to comment on California groundwater plans, CFBF April 1, 2020. "The new deadlines for the public to comment on the posted plans are May 15 and June 3, depending on when the GSP was posted online."


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